LHUB's Signature Service Professional Programmes
Business Excellence

How can you connect with your customers better? With the right service delivery, are you using your customers as marketing vehicles? We know what keeps you thinking about your business everyday – and we hear you.

Addressing the imperative concerns confronting today’s workforce, NTUC LearningHub has tailor-made a suite of exciting service excellence programmes just for you, redesigned with a unique blend of impactful learning experiences. Meticulously crafted, both local and foreign professionals can now build up their capabilities and
develop a mastery of service skills sets through a pro-active learning environment.

Available Programmes:

1. Customer Friendly Language
2. Handling Challenging Customers
3. Service Magic
4. Service Revolution
5. Service Wow

For more information, please call us at 6486 7819 / 6486 7820 or email ibe@nextu.com.sg to explore service excellence training in your organisation.