Care Giver Training
Elder Friendly

NTUC LearningHub provides programmes to help care givers, whether at home, or in a day care, nursing home, or home care setting.

We offer the following programmes:



Assist Clients to Meet Basic Hygiene Needs

  • Establish rapport and maintain relationship with client
  • Prepare to assist client to meet basic needs
  • Assist client in oral feeding
  • Transfer client with or without mobility equipment to prevent fall
  • Assist client in toileting

Provide enhanced personal care for clients

  • Assist client with hygiene activities
  • Assist client with elimination and perineal care activities
  • Assist client with feeding activities

Assist Clients with Clinical Care Needs

  • Assist clients with common health conditions
  • Assist clients with common mental health conditions
  • Measure and record vital signs of client
  • Assist in administering medication for clients

Support Clients in rehabilitation exercises and activities of daily living

  • Demonstrate understanding of basic human anatomy and movement terminologies
  • Support client in activities of daily living (ADL)
  • Assist client in rehabilitation exercises

Engage Clients through activities according to Clients’ Needs

  • Participate in planning activities for clients
  • Conduct activities to meet clients’ needs using the person-centered approach
  • Document and report conduct of activities

Work in a Safe Working Environment that meets the Workplace Safety and Health (Healthcare) Guidelines

  • Outline the Workplace Safety and Health (Healthcare) Guidelines for the eldercare service environment
  • Identify safety and health hazards in the eldercare service environment
  • Report hazards according to Workplace Safety and Health (Healthcare) Guidelines
  • Perform work in a safe and ethical manner

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