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Now you can build Microsoft technical expertise while balancing the demands of your schedule. 

Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand (MOC On-Demand) combines high-quality video, reading, live hands-on labs and knowledge checks in a self-paced format to help you build skills on Microsoft technologies as your schedule allows—all at once or five minutes at a time. The modular, self-directed course structure adapts to your learning needs and learning style.

All Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand includes:

  • 90-day access to the official Microsoft On-Demand Training Videos
  • 90-day access to Live Microsoft Labs Online (MLO) for hands-on practice
  • 90-day access to Course Exercises
  • Reading and Knowledge checks throughout your course
  • Digital edition of the Microsoft Official Curriculum (DMOC) kit for reference. All DMOC come with fresh editions so you will be able to get updates and revisions of that DMOC at no charge for the life of that course.

Start your learning today, for just $750 per course (before GST) for a limited time.

Available MOC On-Demand Courses:

Demo Course - click here to try MOC On-Demand

Windows Server

  • 20410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server® 2012
  • 20411: Administering Windows Server 2012
  • 20412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server® 2012 Services
  • 20413: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure
  • 20417: Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012
  • 10961: Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell
  • 10962: Advanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShell
  • 10969: Active Directory Services with Windows Server
  • 10972: Administering the Web Server (IIS) Role of Windows Server

Windows Client

  • 20697-1: Installing and Configuring Windows 10 
  • 10982: Supporting and Troubleshooting Windows 10
  • 20697-2: Deploying and Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services – coming soon

SQL Server

  • 20461: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • 20462: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases
  • 20463: Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server® 2014

Visual Studio

  • 10267: Introductionto Web Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • 20480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
  • 20483: Programming in C#

System Center

  • 10747: Administering System Center 2012 Configuration Manager
  • 10748: Planning and Deploying System Center 2012 Configuration Manager
  • 10964: Cloud & Datacenter Monitoring with System Center Operations Manager


  • 20331: Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
  • 20332: Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

Exchange Server

  • 20341: Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
  • 20342: Advanced Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

Skype for Business

  • 20334: Core Solutions of Skype for Business 2015

MOC On-Demand Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do if know if MOC On-Demand Training is right for me?

MOC On-Demand Training is definitely right for many people. While MOC On-Demand Training cannot replace our Instructor-led classroom based training, it is a valuable asset that may be right for you.

To decide if MOC On-Demand Training is right for you, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you consider yourself a person who doesn't need a lot of help?
  • MOC On-Demand Training is best suited for people who manage their own learning. Do you think you will be comfortable doing this?
  • Would you consider yourself a person who would prefer to decide when, and for how long, to review MOC On-Demand Training videos and hands-on labs?
  • MOC On-Demand Training leaves it up to you to direct your learning. Do you usually like to direct your own schedule rather than one being set for you?
  • Would you be comfortable taking this class without a live instructor answering your questions in real-time?

If your answer is YES to the above questions, MOC On-Demand Training may be right for you.

  • Why choose MOC On-Demand?

MOC On-Demand has been made available to serve the needs of IT Professionals and Developers looking to train on Microsoft technologies who cannot take time away from work and/or prefer to learn at their own pace, when and where they choose.

  • How do I access the MOC On-Demand course?

After purchasing a MOC On-Demand course, you will be provided with an access code to access a cloud-based learning dashboard (https://training.microsoft.com/). This learning dashboard lists all customer purchases and courses, and MOC On-Demand can be accessed from here.

  • How quickly is a code redeemed?

Course activation by code occurs almost instantly without delay.

  • How long will clients have access to an online course?

MOC On-Demand access codes allow for 90 days of course access from the time of code redemption.

  • What is the course structure of MOC On-Demand?

Each MOC On-Demand course is made up of self-paced video modules that map to the MOC flow, 3 to 8 minutes in length each, with short knowledge check assessments at the end of each module. Upon course completion a longer Course Assessment gauges student knowledge retention.

  • What about labs?

Hands-on, Microsoft Labs Online are included with the MOC On-Demand product.

  •  Who is presenting the material and where does the content come from?

The individual(s) in the MOC On-Demand videos are official Microsoft representatives presenting content that aligns with the MOC version of the course. The content presented is authored by Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) and Microsoft subject matter experts.

  • How long is each course?

Each MOC On-Demand title is 30 to 40 hours of training content, including Microsoft hands-on labs.

  • Will the videos contain subtitles?

All MOC On-Demand courses will have English subtitles

  • Will a student be Microsoft certified after completing a MOC On-Demand course and passing the last knowledge check?

No. The knowledge checks are an excellent way to ensure the student has learned the material, but they are not certification exams. The student will still have to take and pass a Microsoft Certification exam to be certified.

  • Will the student receive a certificate of completion to prove course completion?

A student will have the ability to print or save a completion certificate to show course completion.

  • How will MOC On-Demand content differ from unofficial video content available elsewhere?

There’s no better source for content than the people who wrote the software. MOC On-Demand is official Microsoft content authored, presented and produced by Microsoft approved persons. MOC On-Demand also includes Microsoft-hosted hands-on labs.

  • What about other Microsoft courses? Will be an MOC on-Demand for them?

Yes, MOC On-Demand course title list will be expanded with popular backlisted titles. Future MOC On-Demand courses will align with future MOC releases