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Employability Skills (ES)

Course Overview

The Singapore Employability Skills (ES) is a training initiative by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to prepare all levels of the Singapore workforce to remain employable and competitive. NTUC LearningHub is proud to be the approved ES training provider by WDA.

The Employability Skill (ES) can be used in every industry and enable workers to be more employable and to better adapt to new job demands and challenges.

ES is now recognised by more than 300 companies in Singapore as an alternative to formal academic qualifications like the 'N' and 'O' levels, which are commonly used as entry criteria into occupations and training programmes.

Employability Skills (ES) is categorised into 3 broad series:

ES WSQ - Workplace Literacy (WPL)

ES WSQ - Workplace Numeracy (WPN)

ES WSQ - Workplace Skills Series (WPS)

Training Methods

  • Adult-learning based curriculum
  • Role play, discussion, presentations and adequate practice time
  • Combination of skills and language, focus on Listening, Reading and Writing


After the completion and assessment of each module, participants will received a Statement of Attainment (SOA) from WDA. The SOA is a nationally-recognized qualification indicating the participant's ability of competence in a particular area to perform a task appropriate to her/his occupational level and work demands.

A total of 10 SOAs are required to qualified for the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC). The CRC is a national qualification under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) system where it recognizes the trainee's achievement in attaining a full suite of foundational generic employability skills.

Funding Info

The ES programme is funded through WTS funding.