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ES WSQ - Solve Problems and Make Decisions at Managerial Level 

Course Overview 

Acquire the skills and knowledge to identify and examine causes of performance deficiency and their impact on systems and resources. Manage team dynamics in group discussion to identify root cause(s) and apply problem-solving tools and techniques to address performance deficiency.

Course Objectives 

On completion of this unit, the participant will be able to perform the following:
  1. Appreciate the Classical Decision Theory Model and Behavioural Theory Model for decision making
  2. Collect relevant and current information on organizational performance standards and quality control policies
  3. Identify the type(s) of performance deficiency and examine the cause(s) and their impact on organization-related aspects
  4. Apply principles and techniques of group dynamics and use appropriate group facilitation techniques to identify the root cause(s) for performance deficiency
  5. Generate creative ideas in a team based on three time horizons of planning using appropriate idea generation and group facilitation techniques
  6. Use appropriate problem-solving and decision making techniques and tools to shortlist the most viable ideas based on a set of pertinent criteria and to evaluate the impact of shortlisted ideas
  7. Develop an implementation plan that addresses the root cause(s) of the performance deficiency
  8. Evaluate effectiveness of the implemented solution by analyzing feedback gathered from relevant sources
  9. Develop a corrective action plan or any shortfall(s) identified in the implemented solution and conduct a follow up review of modification(s) made
  10. Formalise implemented solution as part of the organization’s current standard operating procedure (SOP)

Who Should Attend

The job role(s)/ occupations that this unit would be relevant to may include those whose skills, knowledge and work activities undertaken are represented by the level of complexity that fits into the following description:
Nature of Skills and Knowledge:
  • Able to apply and contextualise skills and knowledge in a broad range of high level technical and professional work activities in a wide variety of context
  • Sound understanding of theoretical concepts in a field of study
Nature of Work Activities:
  • Requires significant organizational and resource management
  • Performed under minimal supervision
  • Requires a significant degree of judgment and decision-making
  • Has substantial degree of individual accountability and autonomy within broad boundaries
  • Pre-empts and/or addresses emergent and non-routine problems through well-deliberated guidelines


There are no entry requirements. However, Learners are assumed to:
  • Be able to speak, listen, read and write English at a proficiency level not lower than the   Employability Skills Workforce Skills Qualification (ES WSQ) Workplace Literacy (WPL) Level 4
  • Be able to manipulate numbers at a proficiency level not lower than the ES WSQ Workplace Numeracy (WPN) level 4 

Course Duration

16 Hours


Medium of Instruction


Trainer : Trainee Ratio: 1 : 20

Training Methodology: Written assignments and Role play


Statement of Attainment (SOA) from Workforce Development Agency (WDA)


Full Price

Price Type
Without GST
 With GST
Price per pax (Total course fee)


Price after funding (For Corporate)

Price Type
Without GST
 With GST
Price per pax after SDF Funding

SDF/ SME/ WTS Funding (For Corporate Registrations):

·         Participants must attend at least 75% of the course and complete the exam

·         Customers who are applying for the funding for trainee(s), please make enrolment in Skills Connect website before registration

·         WTS funding only applies to company-sponsored trainee who is 35 year old and above with a monthly income of $1,900 and below.

For Training Grant application, please use the following reference code.

Reference code: CRS-Q-0021214-ES


WTS for Individual:

·         Self-Initiated trainees (sign up training on their own, without employer's sponsorship) can access funding support at Service Touch-points (Self Help Groups/ NTUC/ WDA Career Centres at CDCs) within 180 days before or up to 30 days after course commencement date.

·         For more information, you may refer to

For more information on SDF Training Grant Application, please click here

UTAP Funding for Individual:

NTUC members enjoy instant UTAP* (Union Training Assistance Programme) benefit of up to $250 each year when you sign up for courses with NTUC LearningHub and Next U®.

*UTAP supports 50% of the course fees paid cap at $250 per year. You must be an union member throughout the course duration and at the time of claim. You must achieve a minimum of 75% attendance for each application and sat for all prescribed examinations. Other terms and conditions apply.