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1 March 2012 Deming Approach to Staying Competitive During Recession

Staying Competitive During a Recession
by Reducing Costs, Increasing Productivity, and by Profiting from Innovation





Use Dr. Deming’s Proven Approach to Prepare for –and Cope with–Recessions in 21st Century
A 1‐day Introductory Workshop for CEOs/CFOs/MDs

Course Overview

Yes, Dr. Deming revolutionized the way the world achieves quality products and services. But that is not all he did; he also provided the Deming Management Method (DMM) which goes beyond quality. It takes organizations to the next level of success.

Key ingredients of the DMM support leaders as they:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Productivity
  • Make Innovation actually work
  • Increase competitiveness during and after a recession

Economic recessions present challenges –yet also provide competitive opportunities. Insight and action are required- but not just any action. To result in success, the actions to be taken must be proven and practical and must be based on an assessment of the organization’s own unique circumstance and ability to withstand a recession.

Typical actions to cope during a recession only go so far, and are focused merely on preservation and survival. In contract, Dr. Deming provided us with ways to gain deeper insight into what needs to be done and guidance on how to do it.

As a result Deming’s approaches go beyond the typical actions– and result in greater competitiveness, productivity and innovation- EVEN DURING A RECESSION.

Course Outline

This 1-­‐day workshop presents the toolkit required to prepare for and cope with a recession.
1. Introduction to Coping with a Recession: “Why a recession should not be wasted”
a. If you are not yet in a recession: how to prepare
b. If you are in a recession: how to cope

2. Present Deming’s 4 Lenses to assess the organization’s ability to withstand a recession:
a. Understanding Variation Lens- Analyze data in new, faster and better ways to reduce costs without harming the business.
b. Understanding Knowledge Lens- Learn to improve decision- making when faced with “unknowns” and uncertainty.
c. Understanding System Lens- Avoid unintended consequences of decisions, while boosting productivity
d. Understanding Psychology Lens- Learn how to foster innovation that is quick and inexpensive.

3. Case Study Examples

4. Apply the 4 Lenses to your organization.

5. Apply to reduce costs while increasing productivity.

6. Actions to reduce costs while increasing competitiveness.

7. Actions to reduce costs while increasing innovation.

8. Next steps. What to do . How to make it happen.

The workshop facilitators are experienced, not only in Dr. Deming’s approaches, but in working with organizations to prepare them for recessions- and to cope with a recession if there has been time to prepare.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop participants will know:

  • Ways to prepare for a recession
  • Ways to cope with a recession
  • The 4 Deming Lenses to use
  • How to use the 4 Deming Lenses in their organizations
  • The steps to take to reduce costs, increase productivity, competitiveness and innovation even during a recession.


Kelly L. Allan

Senior Associate, Kelly Allan Associates, Ltd

Kelly is Senior Associate of Kelly Allan Associates, Ltd., a company with over 24 Associates that has been in business since 1974. In 2004, Kelly was one of the 12 people selected by the W. Edwards Deming Institute to conduct Dr. Deming's famous "Four Day Seminars".

John Hunter

Founder and CEO of

John is the founder and CEO of, managing over 20 websites on management, software development, investing, engineering, travel and other topics. In 2004, John was one of 12 people selected by the W. Edwards Deming Institute to conduct Dr. Deming's famous :Four Day Seminar".


Date and Time

1 March 2012, 9am to 5pm


73 Bras Basah Road NTUC Trade Union House #02-01 Singapore 189556



  • Fees are inclusive of GST
  • Early Bird discount of 10% if registration by 31st January 2012
  • Group of 3 enjoys discount of 10%
  • ICPAS members enjoy 10% discount

Please call us at +65 6471 2223 or email us at for more information.

UTAP (Union Training Assistance Programme) is available for union members.

With effect from 1 Jan 2012, NTUC members enjoys 50% claim on unfunded course capped at $500 per year, subject to $1,000 over 3 years. To apply, please visit Conditions apply.

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