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NEW WSQ Specialist Diploma in WSH available now

WSQ Specialist Diploma in WSH 

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Course Overview

This course would enable the learners to gain the skills and knowledge in recognising, assessing, evaluating, control and manage WSH risks and implement WSH management systems at the workplace. It would also enable the learners to attain the qualification necessary for certification as WSH Officer under the WSH Act.

Who should attend this course

It is particularly relevant to those who would like to attain the qualification of Specialist Diploma in WSH, which is part of the certification requirements for registration as WSH Officer under the WSH Act. 

Course Outline

Core Modules

Apply Basic Maths and Science Topics in WSH is a bridging module and not inclusive in this package. For more details please click here

  • Determine the application of basic mathematics principles in WSH
  • Determine the application of basic physics principles in WSH
  • Determine the application of basic ventilation, noise, ergonomics, thermal stress and engineering economics in WSH

Establish and Review WSH Policy and Objectives

  • Develop WSH policy
  • Implement WSH policy
  • Review WSH policy and objectives

Advise on WSH Legal Compliance Measures Issues

  • Inform stakeholders about WSH legal & other requirements in Singapore
  • Provide advice to stakeholders on compliance with WSH legal and other requirements
  • Keep stakeholders updated on new or amended legal and other requirements to maintain compliance

Establish and Review Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans 

  • Develop organisational emergency preparedness and response plan
  • Implement organisational emergency preparedness and response plan
  • Maintain emergency preparedness and response plans

Establish Measurement and Monitoring of WSH Performance

  • Establish parameters for WSH performance measurements
  • Develop and implement WSH inspection programme for workplace conditions and practices
  • Advise stakeholders on WSH hazard sampling

Design and Implement Behavioural Safety Programme

  • Develop Behavioural Safety Programme
  • Implement Behavioural Safety Programme
  • Maintain Behavioural Safety Programme
Identify WSH Hazards and Assess WSH Risks
  • Identify WSH hazards
  • Assess WSH risks
  • Identify costs associated with WSH risks
Control WSH Risks
  • Establish control requirements
  • Recommend reasonably practicable control measures
  • Implement and review risk control measures
Establish and Manage WSH Incident Investigation & Analysis Process 
  • Develop WSH incident investigation and analysis processes
  • Implement WSH incident investigation and analysis processes
  • Review WSH incident investigation and analysis processes
Manage WSH Internal Audit System
  • Develop internal WSH audit system
  • Conduct internal WSH audit
  • Review and follow up on audit findings
ES – Communication and Relationship Management (Managerial) 
  • Lead workplace communications
  • Develop a work team
  • Lead workplace negotiations 
Electives (3 electives are required. The electives are specified in the schedule for each class. Please check before registration) 
Group 1
ES – Problem Solving and Decision Making (Managerial)
  • Anticipate and identify problems
  • Generate and evaluate alternative solutions to a problem
  • Make a decision and take responsibility for it
ES – Initiative and Enterprise (Managerial)
  • Initiate Action for Continuous Improvement
  • Practise Innovative and Enterprising Behaviours
  • Identify, Evaluate and Manage Risk in the Workplace
Group 2
Manage WSH Risks in Manufacturing Industry
  • Identify WSH hazards and control risks in the Manufacturing processes
  • Identify WSH hazards and control risks in supporting processes of Manufacturing industry
  • Control fire risks in Manufacturing industry
Manage WSH Risks in Construction Industry
  • Manage compliance issues in construction industries
  • Control and manage WSH risks in construction industries
Manage WSH Risks in Marine Industry
  • Manage compliance issues in the Marine industry
  • Control and manage WSH risks in the Marine industry

Course Duration

255 to 277 hours

Trainer : Trainee Ratio



Theory – Written and Oral Questioning, Submission of Work Assignments

Practical - Role-play, demonstration & case study

Assessment - Participant's assessment will be conducted throughout the course


Upon successful completion and assessment of each training module, participants will receive a Statement of Attainment (SOA). Upon successful completion of all the core units and 3 electives, participants will receive a Specialist Diploma in WSH. 


Participants are recommended to have attained the following before enrolling for the course:

1. Literacy and Numeracy Requirements

  • Writing and Reading or Listening: Level 6 AND
  • Numeracy: Level 6

2.       WSH Skills and Knowledge Requirements

  • Advanced Certificate in WSH OR

Preferably 5 years of working experience as Safety Supervisor/Safety Coordinator

Course Location

NTUC Trade Union House

73 Bras Basah Road


Singapore 189556


 Price Type With GST
 Weekday Price per pax $     5,136.00
 Weekday Price after SDF Funding per pax $     1,540.80

Note: Price do not include bridging module WSQ Apply Basic Maths & Science in WSH

Funding Info

To be eligible for SDF funding, participants must attend at least 75% of the course.

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