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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I register for the Examination?

  • Pre-registration of seats can be made online at LHUB’s website 

  • Registration and payment can be made at any of our 4 customer service counters located at Employment & Employability Institute (Jurong East), NTUC Trade Union House (Bras Basah), TradeHub21 (Jurong East) or EMS Building (Benoi).

  • As it is a requirement by CEA for the exam administrator to verify that all candidates meet the required pre-requisites, candidates will have to bring along the required documents (original highest qualification certificates, original RES course certificate, CEA qualification assessment email (if applicable) and identification documents like NRIC and/or passport) to any of our 4 customer service counters for verification before making payment.This MUST be done within the next working day after online registration. Once the Candidate exceeds the given timeline, the seat will be released for new booking.

  • Candidate who fails to produce the required documents for verification will not be allowed to register and make payment for the examinations.

  • The registration for each examination period will be closed 2 weeks prior to the examination date. 



How much is the Examination Fee and what does it cover?

The examination fee is $246.10 (incl. GST) for 2 papers and $149.80 (incl. GST) for each individual paper.

What is the format of the Examination?

  • 2 Papers each (2.5 hours per paper)

  • Paper 1:Section A: 50MCQs (50 marks), Section B: 15MCQs with reference 1 or 2 case studies (30 marks), Section C: 10 Fill-in-the-blank short answer questions (20 marks).

  • Paper 2: Same format as Paper 1.


What are the changes to exam format from July 2011?

CEA closely monitors the implementation of RES Examination since Jan 2011. We have studied into the various feedback and suggestions received. 

With effect from July 2011, the RES examination will be fine-tuned to as follows:

  • The duration of the RES examination will be increased from 2 hours to 2½ hours. There is no change to the RES examination format including number of questions.

  • The requirement to pass Papers 1 and 2 of RES examination in one sitting will be revised to modular passing. Candidates from July 2011 RES examination onwards will be allowed to re-sit the failed Paper. Candidates will be allowed to retake only their failed Paper from the August 2011 RES examination onwards. There shall be no retrospective consideration of results from earlier examinations taken from Jan to Jun 2011.

Important Note: Please be informed that all RES course participants are required to pass the RES examination, comprising of two papers, within 2 years from the date of issuance of the RES course completion certificate. For candidates with a modular pass in one paper of the RES examination, they are required to pass the remaining paper within 2 years timeframe. Should they fail to do so, the modular pass in one paper will not be valid and candidates will have to re-take the RES course before attempting the RES examination (i.e.both paper 1 and paper 2) again.

What is the language for the Examination?

The examination is conducted in English.


I had previously taken and failed the RES exam in June 2011. Can I request to take only the failed Paper from August 2011 RES exam onwards?

Modular passing will be allowed with effect from the July 2011 RES examination. Candidates will be allowed to retake only their failed Paper from the August 2011 RES examination onwards. Prior to July 2011 RES examination, candidates had to pass both Papers in a single sitting. There shall be no retrospective consideration of results before July 2011 RES examination.


How often is the Examination held?

Pls refer to the exam schedule.


What to bring on Examination day?

Stationeries (Calculator, Pencil, Eraser, Ruler), NRIC/ Passport only.


Application for Deferment/Cancellation/Replacement of Examination

  • Candidates who are unable to sit for a particular examination on the scheduled date are required to appeal and  submit the relevant documents to NTUC LearningHub in person within 7 days from the exam date.  

  • All appeals are subjected to the approval of NTUC LearningHub. All applications are subjected to an administrative charge of S$85.60 (incl. GST) per candidate per transaction.


What happens if I am absent on Examination day?

  • If you are absent from an examination, it is deemed that you have failed the examination that you have registered for.

  • Candidates who have valid reasons (e.g. Hospitalisation medical leave or compassionate reasons) for missing the exam are required to appeal and submit the relevant documents to NTUC LearningHub in person within 7 days from the exam date.  

  • Candidates who are on Hospitalisation Leave must produce a valid Hospitalisation Leave Certificate and it must contain the following:

    • The Licensed Doctor’s Clinic Name, Address and Contact Number

    • The Date of Hospitalisation Leave

    • The Reason for the Hospitalisation Leave

    • Doctor’s Signature

  • Outpatient Sick Leave from hospitals or GPs are NOT accepted.

  • Candidates who are unable to sit for the examination due to compassionate reasons must produce a valid death certificate and proof of relation.

  • If Candidate is unable to turn up for the examination with valid reasons, Candidate can either opt for reschedule of examination dates or refund, subjected to approval.

  • All appeals are subjected to the approval of NTUC LearningHub. All applications are subjected to an administrative charge of $85.60 (Incl. GST) per candidate per transaction.


When can you expect to receive the Examination results?

The RES examination results are released 4 - 6 weeks after the examination is held. The process may be extended due to other relating factors such as the number of candidates taking the examination. Notification of result release and instructions on how to check exam result online will be e-mail to all candidates as soon as possible.


Appeals for Failure of RES Exam

  • Candidates may appeal to review their assessment results by submitting the Assessment and Examination Appeal Form to any of our customer service counters within seven (7) working days from and including the day of release of assessments results.

  • Candidates may only appeal for the failed examination paper.

  • An administrative fee (non-refundable) of $53.50 (incl. GST) per paper per transaction will be imposed.

  • Candidates will not be shown their answer scripts. The appeal outcome will be sent via email, within fourteen (14) working days after the submission closing date.


What are the revisions made to the RES examination syllabus?

With effect from May 2014 and subsequent RES examinations, there will be a revision in the examination syllabus for both RES Paper 1 and Paper 2, as such all examination questions will be set based on the revised syllabus.The revised examination syllabus has:

  • No change to the scope of topics covered compared to the old syllabus.
  • More detailed elaboration on the relevant topics to enhance practical knowledge.
  • Updates on the rules, regulations, policies and procedures pertaining to real estate agency practice.
  • Learning outcomes and expectations of cognitive levels for each learning outcome, to facilitate candidates to better appreciate the level of understanding that is required for each topic.
  • Re-organisation of topics between the RES Examination Paper 1 and Paper 2 to provide synergy and to achieve a well-balanced coverage for both papers.

The table below shows the list of topics in the old and revised RES examination syllabus:

Old RES Examination Syllabus

Revised RES Examination Syllabus
Paper 1 - Basic Real Estate Concept and Law
Paper 1
Unit 1: Real Estate Agency Industry Overview

Competency Unit 1: Real Estate Agency Industry Overview
(including Estate Agents Act and regulation of real estate industry)
Unit 2: Basic Concepts of Real Estate

Competency Unit 2: Basic Land Law Concepts and Dealings with Interests in Land

Unit 3: Laws Governing Estate Agency Practice and Real Estate Transactions
Paper 2 - Real Estate Salespersons Practice and Regulations
Paper 2

Unit 4: Marketing and Customer Services

Competency Unit 3: Real Estate Marketing
Unit 5: Estate Agents Act 2010 and Estate Agency Practice

Competency Unit 4: Property Transactions - Laws and Practices
(including sale and lease of HDB and private properties)

Unit 6: Sale and Lease of HDB Properties

Unit 7: Sale and Lease of Private Properties


How do I submit my UTAP claims?

Login here to submit your UTAP claims.

Please note that you must be an active union member, i.e. no arrears in membership fee, to be eligible for UTAP claims. Candidates have up to 6 months AFTER the exam date to submit their UTAP claims online.


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