5 Things Stopping You From Using Your SkillsFuture Credit

31 Dec 2018 Posted in ⟨For Learners⟩

With $500 in credit to use on 10,000+ courses available to every Singaporean aged 25 and above, the SkillsFuture programme sounds like a deal that can’t be passed up. So what’s preventing you from utilising this unique opportunity?

To make sure that you don’t miss out, we’ve put together a list containing the top 5 things that stop people from using their SkillsFuture credit along with some ideas on how you can overcome them. Are any of these holding you back? If so, let’s work it out together!

1. There are too many courses to choose from

Finding the SkillsFuture course that’s right for you can be overwhelming given that there are just so many to choose from. It is important to figure out which courses will be of the most benefit to your career though, so a great place to start is the Skills Framework. This site provides sector information, existing and emerging skills required for occupations/job roles, and most importantly, a list of training programmes to upgrade your skills.

  • What are my strengths that I wish to cultivate?
  • What weaknesses are hindering me in my current line of work?

We’ve also designed a series of SkillsFuture-accredited course packages to help you at every stage of your career.

New Joiners

For individuals who are new to the workforce and want to establish a solid foundation through personal development

Career transitions

For individuals who want to explore new frontiers and make a change in their careers

Lifelong Learners

For mature learners who want to continue to acquire new knowledge


For individuals who want to further progress in their career through personal development

And for those who currently work, or want to get into, specialist industries:

  1. Software Developer: For individuals who are interested in a career as a Software Developer, Software Engineer, Application Programmer or Web Developer
  2. Data Analytics: For individuals who are interested in a career a Data Scientist, Data Analyst or Data Architect
  3. Construction Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Coordinator: For foremen and supervisors who manage operations that require employees to work at heights or confined spaces, monitor sound and vibrations, and use cranes at worksites
  4. Shipyard Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Coordinator: For shipyard workers who need to understand safety hazards, workplace safety and manage worksite risks
  5. Manufacturing Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Coordinator: For supervisory personnel in manufacturing industries who need to know safety practices and procedures
  6. Process Industry Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Coordinator: For supervisors, engineers and managers who need to supervise workplace safety and health in a process plant

2. I lack support from my employers

If you are currently employed, chat with your boss about where you want to be in your career and what you need to do to get there. With over 10,000 SkillsFuture courses on offer, there will no doubt be something that will help you move forward in your career while equipping you with what you need to add more value in the workplace.

3. I lack motivation to improve myself

There are three main reasons that people undertake further studies:

  1. Upgrading: There are certain skills that you want to cultivate or knowledge that you want to learn about. Undertaking studies will help you to improve your employability or help you to move forward in your current career.
  2. Future-proofing: No one can predict the future and the external forces that affect their careers. Undertaking studies will help you to stay ahead of the trends and become indispensable to your employer and your industry.
  3. Lifelong learning: No matter what age we are at, we are always evolving. Undertaking studies will enable you to recapture the joy of learning and improve on things that you are already doing.

Given that SkillsFuture credits make studying much more affordable, the power really is in your hands as to what you want to study. Putting them towards making your career aspirations a reality would be a wise decision though!

4. I don’t want to chase papers

It’s important to make informed decisions about what you study and ensure that it will improve your career prospects. Aside from engaging those who already work in the industry for advice, the Skills Framework can help you discern what will offer the most value.

In addition, keep in mind that SkillsFuture-accredited courses offer more than just theory. Rather, they are practical and designed to give you what you need to work in the real world. Given that there are many SkillsFuture courses which are short in nature (rather than an entire semester of commitment), they provide the perfect launchpad to start, change or boost your career.

5. I don’t know how to file a claim online

We know full well that not everyone is computer savvy nor has access to a computer, and that’s ok. If you need help with filing a claim online, just drop into one of our branches and chat to our customer service representatives. They’ll be able to guide you through the entire process!

To learn more about what you could use your SkillsFuture credit to study and how to claim it, click here.

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