ASG Patrick Tay Take On Change Leadership & Management In The Age Of Disruptions And Transformation

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In the face of disruptive changes such as digitalization and automation, job roles and processes are fast changing. Under the S$4.5 billion Industry Transformation Programme, 23 Industry Transformation Maps (ITM) were developed to help industries adapt and grow in the evolving economic landscape. To help organizations cope with changes, NTUC LearningHub partnered Kotter International to deliver Change Leadership & Management Masterclasses in Singapore. In one of our first few Masterclasses, our participants were pleasantly surprised when NTUC Assistant Secretary-General (ASG) Patrick Tay paid a visit! We also took the chance to interview him on his take on change leadership and management in the age of disruption and transformation.

Who is John Kotter? Why Is He A Leader In Change Leadership & Management?

Before we pick ASG Patrick’s brains on Change Leadership & Management. It is important for you to be acquainted with Dr. John Kotter and his lifelong research on change and transformation. Dr. John Kotter set out in 1972 to answer the question: What makes transformational change efforts succeed or fail? Over the decades, he studied hundreds of organisations. His empirical research revealed eight common elements that are universally present across all successful transformations. The Kotter 8-Step Process for Leading Change was born, followed by Kotter International to translate the research to impact. Kotter works with organisations to help them overcome the barriers to leading complex change. With decades of real-world research honed in the field alongside partners, Kotter International expertly guided and converted the energy of organisation’s greatest asset— the people— into action, momentum and results.


“If you cannot describe your vision to someone in five minutes and get their interest, you have more work to do in this phase of a transformation process.” – John Kotter


Assistant Secretary-General Patrick Tay Visits John Kotter Change Leadership & Management Masterclass

NTUC ASG Patrick Tay paid a surprise visit to one of our first John Kotter Change Leadership & Management Masterclass on 25 April 2018! He highlighted some of the potential challenges faced by organisations who are looking to or in the process of introducing transformations. He also shared useful tips on how to garner both internal and exterior stakeholder support to implement transformation successfully. Check out what he has to share on change management in this age of disruption and transformation!

1) What are some of the key challenges faced by organisations in today’s fast-changing business world? Do you think they are prepared for these challenges, especially the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)?

ASG Patrick: Technology, Digitalisation, Disruption, Robotisation, AI and IOT are taking all sectors by storm. The key difference between this 4th Industrial Revolution and the previous ones is the speed and pace of change. It is imperative for all organisations and their people to be prepared for these changes which are going to impact all organisations especially our SMEs.

2) Will introducing skillsets such as change management be crucial in enabling organisations to adapt nimbly to changes?

ASG Patrick: Yes because with a volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) operating environment, only organisations that are able to stay agile and adaptable can negotiate, navigate and ride the waves of change better.

3) How do you envision the various tripartite partners to work together to prepare organisations and their employees for change and transformation?

ASG Patrick: Each of the tripartite partners has their respective roles to play. The government must provide the help/support, eco-system and funding for the training. Unions and workers must stay positive and be pro-active when it comes to embracing training and lifelong learning. Last but not least, employers must do their part to encourage and motivate their workers through various interventions and support mechanisms to make regular learning, training and upgrading a key initiative.

4) Do you think the partnership between NTUC LearningHub and Kotter International is a good start and will fit into the Labour Movement plans to help organisations and their employees adapt and grow?

ASG Patrick: This is a great start to kick off. Such best-in-class training will help build the capabilities of organisations to lead and manage change and transformations such that the training needs and morale of every employees are well taken care of.

A Preview Of John Kotter Knowledge At Keynote Seminar

To help employees adapt and transform their skill sets, NTUC LearningHub invited 200 participants from corporate MNCs, SMEs, government agencies and NTUC social enterprises to John Kotter Change Leadership & Management Keynote Seminar on 24 April 2018 at NTUC Centre.

At the seminar, Mr. Gaurav Gupta (Affiliate, Kotter International) guided our participants through Kotter’s 8-step process and 4 key leadership principles. Our participants also took away insightful learnings on how organisations can successfully create synergy & engagement amongst their employees to support change and transformation.

Everyone took away a preview of the knowledge of the world’s renowned change and leadership expert – Dr. John Kotter from the seminar. Hear what some of our participants say about the seminar.

Want to know more about our Masterclasses? Visit or talk to our friendly Course Consultants at NTUC Trade Union House, Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability, LHUB @ Tampines Mall or any of our roadshows islandwide for more information.

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