Smart Nation & U 2021: The first step in your upskilling journey

02 Jun 2021 Posted in ⟨Stories⟩

This year, the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office (SNDGO) and NTUC collaborated to launch the second Smart Nation & U Festival, an event that took place over a two-week period from 11 to 26 March themed “Reclaiming our Lives with Tech” that brought together partners from Government agencies, SMEs, andtech companies, to educate and engage Singaporeans on the benefits of digital technologies.

The hybrid event featured panel discussions, roadshows, free webinars, and a jobs and skills fair that focused on career and upskilling opportunities in the tech sector. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital that we upskill ourselves digitally by learning more about technological innovations to stay relevant.

Building excitement for digital transformation

As part of the event, and to get people curious and excited about the wide range of digital skills they can pick up, NTUC LearningHub (LHUB launched a series of 23 free webinars covering a variety of topics such as:

  • How to effectively live stream (conducted by local celebrities) and run social selling campaigns on Facebook
  • Getting started on e-commerce and generating income through drop shipping
  • How to create video content and use graphic design tools (hands-on instructional webinar)
  • Understanding cybercrimes and digital fraud
  • How to use AI and automation to make better decisions and reduce time spent on repetitive tasks
  • How cloud and visualisation technologies can be used in the workplace
  • The role of UX in digital transformation
  • How blockchain is revolutionising our world
  • How to apply creative thinking to find innovative solutions
  • Digital leadership skills and mindsets required to thrive in the future of work

The free webinars were a sampling of what would be taught as part of LHUB’s many courses, including Enhance Productivity Using Virtual Collaboration Tools, E-commerce Campaign Management, Digital Platforms Management, and Know Your Customers Through Human-Centered Approach and many more.

Over 19,000 people registered for the free webinars, with more than 18% of attendees (3,430 people) signing up for upskilling courses after.

When asked what was the most valuable or unforgettable thing learnt from the webinars, attendee Shereen Poh Lam Thor responded, “I have learned that I have a lot more to learn.”

Upskilling as an active choice

With the arrival of the future of work, it has become clear that tech adoption in the workplace has accelerated and that data skills now play an important role in keeping employees productive and businesses competitive.

All this means that upskilling needs to be seen as a continuous journey, not a singular pit stop, and that continuous learning should be a proactive choice, not a passive necessity.

“I’ve attended several webinars and found that the ones about creativity and innovation really inspired me to think outside the box and make the extra effort to think creatively,” shared Suhaimi Bin Zainal Shah, an attendee of one of the LHUB’s free webinars.

“I personally believe that learning agility is key. The ability and willingness to learn and upskill continuously at a sustainable pace will bring about plenty of opportunities during tough times.”

Fellow attendees Chin Kok Leong and Roselin, both between the ages of 41-50, agree that having a growth mindset and willingness to invest time and effort in upskilling are key to staying ahead in the future workplace.

Learning is more accessible than ever

While 71% of workers recognise that there is an urgent need to update their current skills in order to stay competitive in the job market, 55% of them also cite lack of time as the top barrier holding them back from upskilling.

In addition to multiple e-learning courses that offer the convenience of live learning over Zoom, NTUC LHUB’s recently launched LHUB GO Infinity also harnesses the power of microlearning to make upskilling less prohibitive for time-strapped professionals. Find out more about LHUB GO Infinity can help you reach your upskilling goals. For just $6, Union Members have access to over 60 Courses from now till December 2021.

For Singaporeans and PRs, there is also the option to use your SkillsFuture Credit to fund your courses, plus an additional $250 Upfront UTAP funding for NTUC Union members. And if your course of choice starts before 1 July 2021 and falls within one of the IBF (Institute of Banking and Finance) Accredited courses, you may even be eligible for up to 95% course funding. Learning has never been more accessible and affordable with NTUC LHUB.

Since 2004, NTUC LearningHub has upskilled over 21,000 organisations and achieved over 2.6 million training places across more than 500 courses with a pool of over 400 certified trainers. We are the leading Continuing Education and Training provider in Singapore and we are here to transform your lifelong employability.

For more information on how we can help, visit our Virtual Roadshow or talk to our friendly Course Consultants by reserving a Virtual Live Advisory appointment today.

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