COVID-19 Is Changing The Way We Learn – Here is How to Keep Up

20 Jul 2020 Posted in ⟨⟩

In these unpredictable times, people around the world have to adjust to new ways of living, working, and studying. COVID-19 is impacting the very way we learn, so it is up to us to stay resilient in the face of change.

The future is digital, they said. Little did we know the future would come so soon, as the world transitions towards operating online in a bid to stay afloat. While we grapple with this new reality, where face-to-face gatherings and in-class education are put on hold, digital skills and online capabilities become ever so important.


Digitalisation is in Full Swing


Online learning is nothing new for many. Recall those e-Learning lessons back in school? Such initiatives across Singapore aim to prepare students to continue learning online in the event of school closures. Harnessing and incorporating information and communication technology (ICT) in our education has become the norm.

But as life strays farther from the norm in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is the individuals and companies who turn to digital solutions that can weather the storm. From the surging demand for online tutors, to an Italian grandmother who live-streams her pasta-making courses from her home in Italy, the bleak news of the outbreak have been accompanied by uplifting stories on how learning never goes on lockdown.

In fact, there is no better time to learn than now. With advanced access to your $500 SkillsFuture Credit Top Up when you learn with NTUC LearningHub (NTUC LHUB), plus an additional $250 Upfront UTAP funding for Union members, learning is now more accessible and affordable than ever!

The NTUC LHUB trainers are really engaging, and they often share with us real-life anecdotes that reinforce our learning.


Learn from Home with NTUC LHUB


Upskilling during the Circuit Breaker downtime is a surefire way for you to emerge at the other end of the COVID-19 tunnel equipped with relevant skills, and NTUC LHUB is dedicated to providing you with ample opportunities for you to learn from home.

For starters, how does over 100 free online courses sound? NTUC LHUB has partnered with GO1, a world-class award-winning e-learning platform backed by Microsoft and SEEK, to bring you a thoughtfully curated list of online courses. Choose from a wide range including Data Analytics, Agile, Python Programming, Microsoft Office, Leadership, Workplace Safety, Photoshop and Graphic Design!

If you are looking for NTUC LHUB programmes or SkillsFuture-eligible courses instead, we have converted a selection of our popular programmes across Adaptive, Technical, and Technological skills into Virtual Live Courses. Get certified in SkillsFuture for Digital WorkplacePersonal Effectiveness (powered by John Maxwell), Project ManagementCybint Cyber Security Protection, and many more. Learn from the comfort of your own home, and engage with our trainers in real-time through your screen. Check back regularly for updates as new virtual courses are being added weekly!

Whether it is to hone your skills for better job prospects or to add new capabilities to your arsenal, our Virtual Live Advisory service can help you with your upskilling needs. Click here to book your appointment now, and you will be notified with a link via your email for your virtual meeting. Using Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing, speak with our Virtual Live Advisors about any queries, or let them find the right course for you!


Tips for Online Learning


It is easy to slip into a slower rhythm when learning and working from home, especially with plenty of potential distractions. Here is some advice on how to maximise productivity and get the most out of your online learning!

1. Create a Dedicated Study Space

Just like how a classroom is a dedicated space for learning, ensure you have somewhere at home that is purely for study. Whether it is your home office, bedroom or living room, find a quiet, distraction-free area that is separate from where you relax. This helps put you in the good state of mind to focus on the online course!

2. Come up with a Study Plan

Staying organised will help you to pace your learning. Take some time before your course starts to check what you will be learning, and schedule when to study and complete assignments. Alternatively, a simple daily to-do list can keep you on track. It is also a good idea to set goals for yourself, along with setting aside time to take regular breaks!

3. Participate in Discussions

When courses are conducted such that you can interact with trainers live, like our Virtual Live Classes, try your best to interact with your trainer and fellow trainees! Just because everyone is apart, does not mean that you cannot collaborate. By asking questions and engaging with the people in your course, it enables you to gain a better understanding of the lessons and sets you up to ace your assessment.

4. Take Notes and Revise

While sitting at your desk and staring at your screen, it is natural for our attention to gradually drift away. Stay focused by taking notes! Start typing or grab your notebook and pen ‒ regardless of your method of choice, taking notes promotes active thinking, maintains your attention, and enhances your comprehension. These notes can supplement the material provided by your online courses when you revise, and help you retain important information.

No matter what challenges lie ahead, having the right mindset for growth and developing a resilient attitude will be the valuable qualities that make you flexible towards change.

There is no doubt that the coming weeks and months will be filled with uncertainty, but it is also an opportunity to grow your skill sets and widen your knowledge. Let us help you keep your learning journey going so that we can all get through these trying times together!

Since 2004, we have fulfilled over 2.4 million training places and transformed over 21,000 organisations.

Regardless of collar, age or nationality, we are here to help you upgrade your skills to keep up with the rapidly changing workforce in 2020 and beyond. For more information on how we can help, reserve a Virtual Live Advisory appointment or leave us an enquiry and our friendly Course Consultants will be in touch with you soon.

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