Land Your Dream Job at Google Without Knowing How to Code Old

31 Dec 2018 Posted in ⟨For Learners⟩

Everyone knows Google Singapore is going on a hiring spree, and you are definitely interested in joining the world’s top place – but what if you don’t have any programming experience? Are there openings that don’t involve complicated codes and technical knowledge?

Googly Stats

  • Founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin
  • Valued at a high $533.4 billion in February 2016
  • 2nd most valuable company in the world
  • Worldwide:
    • of applicants: 2 million+
    • of successful applications: 1 in 100
    • of employees: 69,000+
    • Projected hires in SG: 1,000
  • Successful applicants went for 5 OR MORE rounds of interview:
    1. Resume screening
    2. Phone interview
    3. On-site interview
    4. Hiring committee (evaluation stage)
    5. Interview with team leader

Hot Jobs

The Recruiter

You possess excellent influencing and relationship skills, have the talent for building winning teams along with a wonderfully analytical mind. Select Your Course: CIPD HR MasterClass Series Project Management Professional (PMP)® Available Positions: Finance Operations Manager, Payroll Google People Services Program Manager, Operations

The Communicator

A self-starter who thinks quickly on your two feet, you have strong business acumen, plus a definite flair for both verbal and written communications. Select Your Course: Business Communication & Writing Skills (For Corporate) Service Excellence Courses Available Positions: Communications Manager, APAC Policy Industry Manager, Video and Media Sales

The Sales & Marketing Expert

You manage and strengthen relationships with stakeholders and produce compelling business development strategies and analyses. Select Your Course: Workplace Skills (WPS WSQ) Leadership and People Management Courses with John Maxwell Available Positions: APAC Agency Business Lead Agency Group Head, DoubleClick Digital Marketing Agency Account Strategist, Google Marketing Solutions (GMS) Sales

The Multi-Tasker

A whiz with spreadsheets and databases, you lead complex engineering projects with your technical and supply-side management expertise. Select Your Course: Project Management ES WSQ – Perform Advanced Spreadsheet Functions (ICDL Certification Module: Advanced Spreadsheets) Available Positions: Program Manager, Supply Planning, Network Deployment 

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