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5 Biggest Life Regrets

If you had one hour left to live, how would you spend it? No one is immune to getting caught up on the small stuff, so take a moment (or an hour) to make a list and realign with the things that matter the most to you. Don’t look back and regret the chances we didn’t take.

1) Doing what others expect of you instead of what you really want

We often have to live up to expectations that others have of us – getting a certain job, getting married at a certain age, etc – and we try our best to live up to those expectations without really knowing why we’re doing it. No, we’re not saying to be reckless and do whatever you want without thinking of consequences, but rather to do things that you really want to and not because you have to fulfill someone else’s expectation of you.

2) Putting too much into work that you neglect your friends & family

Work is never ending and we’re often afraid of how we’ll be perceived if we always leave the office on time. We often don’t see ourselves as the problem but rather blame it on the never-ending chaos at work. The truth is working longer hours will not necessarily project a “hard working” image but rather an image of “bad time-management” that might be counter-productive.

And let’s face it, your family and friends are the ones that will support you when you fall and your job might not.

3) Not travelling as much as you want

Most people stay close to home and don’t travel that much even if they have the financial means to do so because it’s either hard to take time off work or difficult to find a suitable travel partner and they’re afraid to go on solo trips. By the time you are able to find the time and a travel buddy, you might have missed the prime time of your youth to go explore and have fun.

4) Not taking care of your health when you had the chance

It’s common to not think of our health until there’s a problem. Excessive eating or dieting might not seem to affect us now but it’s going to take a toll on our body in the long run. Changing only when the problem occurs will be too late, the small eating and exercising habits every day makes a big difference over time.

5) Not taking up a course or learning a new skill because you have no time or there’s no “value-add” to your career

Ever thought of picking up a new language but putting it off because you can’t find time for it? Had an interest to learn design but decided against it because it’s not helpful to your current field of work? Learning new things is not just about having to “value-add” to your career, but to keep yourself motivated in life and be prepared for better opportunities in future.

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