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Fees and Refunds

Fees and Refunds

We reserve the right to:

  • Revoke any stated offer;
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  • Make changes to prices, content, promotion offers, product descriptions or specifications, or other information without obligation to issue any notice of such changes (including after an order has been submitted, acknowledged, shipped or received). We also reserve the right to limit quantities (including after an order has been submitted and/or acknowledged) and to revise, suspend or terminate an event, promotion at any time without notice. The inclusion of any products or services on this Site at a particular time does not guarantee that the products or services will be available.
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For more information regarding funding, please visit this link

For Self/Individual Registration, you have to bring along your identification card, receipt and relevant supporting document(s), e.g. medical certificate, hospitalization leave etc., and presented to any of our Customer Service Counters for processing. A refund application form will be given to you at the counter.

For Corporate/Company Registration, you will need to inform your Human Resource personnel or the officer-in-charge who did the registration on your behalf. They will in turn contact our sales person who attended to the registration to process the refund. A refund application form will be given via email. The original application form has to be submitted to NTUC LearningHub.

Any request that is less than 14 calendar days before the course starts, will be subjected to NTUC LearningHub’s approval. An administrative charge (inclusive of GST) will be imposed on a case-to-case basis..

The GST fee is calculated based on the full course fees before the deduction of any subsidies or grants. The full GST amount will then be passed onto IRAS. The total amount payable for trainees, therefore, comprises of the course fee after subsidy + GST amount based on full course fees.

In the case of a trainee failing an assessment, the trainee can opt for a re-assessment at a fee. The re-assessment fee includes fees charged by our certification partners for the administration of the test.

Trainees who fail the assessment for assessment-based courses are also not eligible for training subsidies and may be liable to pay the full course fees.

Where trainee / student withdraws from the Course for any reason, NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd shall, as soon as practicable after receiving the trainee’s / student’s written notice of withdrawal (and in any event no more than 30 calendar days after receiving such notice) refund to the trainee / student the following sums (less any applicable bank administrative charges properly paid / payable):

Percentage Of The Aggregate Amount Of The Fees Paid If Trainee’s Student’s Written Notice Of Withdrawal Is Received
100% (Less S$13.00) More than 2 weeks before Course Commencement Date.
50% 2 weeks or less but more than 1 week before Course Commencement Date.
0% 1 week or less before the Course Commencement Date.
Purpose of Fee Amount (S$) and When Payable
Registration Fee
Course and Exam Registration Fee

Per transaction, inclusive of GST (w.e.f 1 Feb 2018)
RES Exams are exempted

Administration Fee
Course/class Transfer Fee
Late Payment Fee

Per transaction (transfer or late payment), inclusive of GST (w.e.f 1 Feb 2018)

Re-taking Examination/Assessment Fee & Funding top-up Fee
Failure of meeting any of funding criteria (eg not meeting the minimum attendance or sitting for the assessment/ examination the course)
Please refer to table B or the respective course
Full Course Fee (Less Course Fee Paid)


Courses with Exceptions
Course Title Re-taking Examination/Assessment Fee
WSQ WSH – Specialist Diploma in WSH $200 per module
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