Corporate Year End Campaign 2021

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“Lack of time” is often cited as one of the main barriers for your employees to upskill. As employers, you can help your workforce overcome this challenge. As the end-of-year lull approaches, use it productively as a time to recharge and re-energise your workforce.
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Every minute is an opportunity, give your employees the most valuable resource – TIME – to kickstart their potential for 2022. Here are some top virtual courses to get you started:

Encourage your workforce to practice self-care with effective mental wellness management

Course Title: Strengthening Your Wellness & Resilience

Raise awareness of the participants on mental health state and empower them to explore self-care tips to manage their mental well-being

Duration: 8hrs

Inspire your workforce to spend time on improving their skillsets to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Course Title: ICDL Data Analytics (Synchronised E-Learning)

Equip your workforce with data analytics skills to help identify market trends and opportunities.

Duration: 16hrs

Course Title: Solve Problems and Make Decision at Managerial Level / Supervisor Level / Operation Level

Acquire the skills and knowledge to identify and examine root cause(s) and apply problem-solving tools and techniques to address performance deficiency.

Duration: 16hrs

Champion your promising workforce to build up their leadership competencies in this dynamic business climate.

Course Title: The 360 Leader

Arm yourself with effective self-leadership skills, assess your current relationship with your leaders and identify ways to develop better chemistry and explore tangible ways to maximise your influence on others.

Duration: 7hrs

Course Title: Manage Diverse Team In Hybrid Work Environment

Explore topics on self-discovery, people intelligence and how to become a charismatic leader. Understand how to turn diversity challenges into opportunities and identify useful methods to heighten team cohesion.

Duration: 16hrs

Course Title: WSQ Direct End-To-End Change Management Powered By Kotter

Cultivate the ability to identify where changes are needed in the organisation, such as customer management, processes and systems, people engagement, information management, innovation and learning. Discover how you can develop change management strategies and foster an environment that enables change effectively.

Duration: 16hrs

Onboard your workforce to strengthen their knowledge of the fundamentals. 

Course Title: Fundamentals Of The Personal Data Protection Act (2020)

Gain a good overview and understanding of the PDPA and how it may be applied to the organizations for compliance. 

Duration: 23hrs

Course Title: Cybersecurity Awareness Programme

Equip your workforce with cyber protection skills by learning through real-world threats and scenarios.

Duration: 8hrs

Course Title: ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Management (ISOBCM)

Understand and develop a Business Continuity Plan according to System Policy and Processes based on ISO standard

Duration: 16hrs