Advanced Learning Programme


Thrash or be Thrashed!

The Brutal Truths of Cross-Border E-Commerce


  • E-commerce is the new currency; you are unlikely to survive just based on brick and mortar models of business.
  • Are you or your business ready for it? Even if you are already into it, are you reaping the most out of it? Are you able to expand your reach beyond Singapore shores?
  • Hear more from our guest speakers who will share with you their experiences, perspective and advice how not only to survive, but to strive using E-Commerce.

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U SME is collaborating with NTUC LearningHub to spearhead an Advanced Learning Programme for local SMEs across all sectors with the aim of inculcating value creation in products and services that they offer. This is achieved through a series of workshops in productivity and innovation, human capital management and leadership excellence.

Participants will enjoy a series of complimentary specially designed networking sessions on digital economy, innovative disruptions and future of work presented by industry practitioners. Other highlights of the programme includes sharing of various technologies, funding and grants applicable for SMEs. And most importantly, this is an exciting platform for various SMEs as well as industry practitioners to network with relevant industry leaders.


  • Leadership Excellence
  • Service Transformation
  • Innovation Management
  • Human Capital Management
Executive Workshops Cohort 8 Cohort 9 Cohort 10
Maximising People Capital (WSQ Encourage People powered by John Maxwell)

(8 hours per day)

26 – 27 Oct 17 27 – 28 Nov 17 19 – 20 Dec 17
Foster Transformation Through Service Redesign (WSQ Foster Service Innovation powered by ESSEC Business School)

(8 hours per day)

29 – 30 Nov 17 20 -21 Dec 17 30 – 31 Jan 18
Apply Lean Thinking In The Workplace

(8 hours per day)

18 – 20 Dec 17 29 – 31 Jan 18 26 – 28 Feb 18
Implement Recruitment and Selection Methods

(8 hours per day)

29 – 31 Jan 18 26 – 28 Feb 18 20 – 22 Mar 18


Topic Date & Time
Taking SME Leadership in the Digital Economy

In this Digital Economy, SME leadership must recognise the changing economy and leverage on the power of technology to grow and sustain their business.

24 May (Ended)
Innovative Disruption and Value Creation For SMEs

The rules of competition have changed drastically and SMEs must embrace the reality that traditional operating models will be digitally disrupted eventually.

3 Aug (Ended)
Thrash or be Thrashed: The Brutal Truths of Cross-Border E-Commerce

E-Commerce is increasingly becoming more important and critical to a business’s survival and ability to expand beyond physical constraints. Find out more on how to leverage on it to expand a business cross border and beyond.

31 Oct (Click here to find out more)
Future-Ready SME HR

Deepen the understanding of how people management practices differ between the stages of organisation transition. Find out how you can be future-ready in people management.

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Total Cost (all prices are before GST) $2,455.00 $245.50


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