Masterclass Series for Online Businesses – Grow with us now

Alibaba Business College's First CEO Training Singapore 2016


The objective of Masterclass Series for Online Businesses – Grow with us now, is to cultivate digital E-commerce talents within Singapore and to enable Singapore in becoming a South East Asia Digital Hub.


Masterclass No Masterclass Title Duration (Days) For Singaporeans & PRs For Foreigners Schedule
1 Masterclass in Global E-Commerce Trends and Insights 3 $660.00 (before GST) / $706.20 (with GST) $1,980.00 (before GST) / $2,118.60 (with GST) Jan 25-27 (Thu-Sat)
2 Masterclass in How to Start an Online Business 4  $880.00 (before GST) / $941.60 (with GST) $2,640.00 (before GST) / $2,824.80 (with GST) Jan 31 – Feb3 (Wed-Sat)
3 Masterclass in Optimising Your E-Commerce Business with Advanced Techniques 3 $660.00 (before GST) / $706.20 (with GST) $1,980.00 (before GST) / $2,118.60 (with GST) Mar 6-8 (Tue-Thu)
4 Masterclass in Effective Ways to Grow Your Customers Online 2 $440.00 (before GST) / $470.80 (with GST) $1,320.00 (before GST) / $1,412.40 (with GST) Mar 9-10 (Fri-Sat)


  • It is not compulsory for students to signup for all 4 masterclasses. They may sign up for a-la-carte masterclasses depending on which stage of the online business that they are in.
  • Students who complete each of the 4 masterclasses, with minimum 75% attendance will receive Certificate of Attendance for that masterclass, jointly awarded by Alibaba Business College and NTUC LearningHub.


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