Precautionary Measures In Place To Ensure A Safe Upskilling Experience

Updated Precautionary Measures in Place to Ensure a Safe Upskilling Experience

In view of the recent developments, we would like to reassure our clients and trainees that classes at NTUC LearningHub (NTUC LHUB) will still continue. Learning is a crucial endeavour, and in times of constant change, it is even more important that we are equipped with the right skills and knowledge for the future.

Nevertheless, the safety and well-being of our clients, trainees and staff are our top priority.  Since the start of the pandemic, we have put in place precautionary measures to safeguard our community against COVID-19.

Below are some of the updated precautionary measures:

1. National Safe Management Measurements (SMMs) in Phase Two (Heightened Alert)

This advisory updates on the changes to the Safe Management Measures (SMMs) under the Transition Phase from 22 November 2021, following the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF)’s announcement on 20 November2021.

a. Class size for indoor mask-on and all outdoor (mask-on and mask-off) CET activities. To minimise risk of transmission in CET venues, for indoor mask-on and all outdoor activities (mask-on and mask-off), Training Providers must continue to cap in-person classes at no more than 50 persons, including the trainer(s). For SSG funded/supported-CET programmes, SSG’s prevailing guideline for a maximumclass size of 40 persons, excluding the trainer(s), for course quality reasons will continue to apply. Group work, if required, will be increased to 5 persons, up from the previous cap of 2 persons, in line withthe permitted group size for social gatherings, regardless of the learners’ vaccination status. All SMMs, including safe distancing of at least 1-metre between individuals or groups, must be adhered to.

Class size for indoor mask-off CET activities. Class size for indoor mask-off CET activities. Vaccine Differentiated SMMs (VDS) will apply to indoor mask-off activities. In alignment with national guidelines, these activities can proceed with a maximum class size of 30 persons (including the trainer(s)), in groups of no more than 5 persons, up from 2 persons, provided that every person in the class is fully vaccinated[1]. Such activities will not be allowed if there are any learners who are not fully vaccinated. Learners should maintain safe distancing of at least 1-metre between individuals, or if this is not possible, at least 1-metre distancing between groups. There should be no intermingling of groups before, during and after the activities. Masks should be put on immediately after the completion of CET activities.

b. CET delivery mode. Where possible, NTUC LHUB will convert in-person trainings to synchronous Virtual Live Classes in line with the national direction for working from home to remain the default.

c. Food & Drinks. In line with the national direction to cease dine-in at F&B establishments, Training Providers are not allowed to serve food and drinks as part of CET programmes, and learners are strongly discouraged from eating and drinking during training, and at the training premises. Learners should keep their masks on at all times, and not consume any food and drinks during classes, as far as possible. During mealtimes between lessons, learners may pack their own food and consume at designated dining venues (e.g. pantry), with safe distancing of at least 1m between individuals based on the prevailing SMMs. Learners should mask up when not consuming any food and drink, and leave the dining premises after finishing their meals.

[1] An individual is considered to meet the criteria for VDS if he/she (i) has received the full regimen of Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty or Moderna with an additional two weeks for vaccine to be effective; (ii) has
received the full regimen of WHO EUL vaccines, including their respective duration post-vaccination for the vaccines to be fully effective, and had their vaccination records ingested in MOH’s national IT
systems; (iii) recovered from COVID-19 within the last 270 days; and (iv) Unvaccinated and has a negative result on a pre-event test (PET) by a MOH-approved COVID-19 test provider in the past 24 hours,
covering the duration of the activity.


2 . Updated and On-going SMM Measures

a. In tandem with the national roll-out, the TraceTogether-only SafeEntry (ToS) will be implemented across all NTUC LHUB venues from 17 May 2021. Learners are encouraged to bring along their Trace Together (TT) Token or have the App downloaded, to facilitate accurate contact tracing, should the need arise. At the point of entry into the training venues, if any learners forget to bring their TT token, they are required to download the TT App on their phones before they can be allowed entry. If they are unable to do so (e.g., phone is out of battery, or non-smartphone), we will allow learners entry by taking down their NRIC details. These records will be maintained for at least a month for contact tracing purposes. NTUC LHUB reserves the right to refuse entry to those who fail to bring the TT token or refuse to use the TT App.

b. Training venues. There should be fixed seating and safe distancing of at least 1m between individuals, where practicable. If this is not possible, there will be at least 1m distance between groups of no more than five persons in learning venues, except for instances where students are required to move around the venue e.g. to handle machinery. There should also be no congregation (i.e. large crowds of learners) in the premises.

c. Staggered entry and exit. To reduce inter-mingling between groups when learners enter and disperse from training venues, we will be making appropriate adjustments to the timetable to stagger lesson start and end times as far as possible.

d. Use of masks and face shields. Staff and learners are to wear masks at all times, except when eating, drinking or engaging in strenuous physical exercise, while trainers have the option of wearing face shields in lieu of masks while teaching, if necessary. Trainers wearing face shields when teaching must remain in a fixed position and maintain a safe distance of at least 1m away from any other persons, if not at least 2m as best practice.

e. Screening: Students and staff who are unwell, or who have household members on Home Quarantine Order/Stay Home Notice or have adult household members with flu-like symptoms such as fever and cough, are required to stay away from school and campus.



Our Safety Management Officers (SMOs) will be present to remind trainees of these measures. Implemented together, the measures will serve as a layer of defence for our trainees and staff.

Thank you for placing your trust in NTUC LHUB for your upskilling needs. We appreciate everyone for doing their part in keeping good personal hygiene and taking social responsibility for fellow trainees.

We will continue to monitor the situation, take guidance from official advisories released by the authorities, and adjust our measures accordingly.

Let us work together, support each other, stay vigilant, and do our best to protect our community.

For the latest update from MOH, please click here.

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