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Customised Solutions: A Collaborative Response to the Needs of the Healthcare Sector

NTUC LHUB and the Healthcare Services Employees Union (HSEU) worked together to identify the most urgent needs of the healthcare sector and help at-risk workers develop a positive mindset to learn basic digital skills and embrace change. Together, they kickstarted the Healthcare Academy, where NTUC LHUB is responsible for filling the gaps in Adaptive Skills and Technological Skills while other institutes of higher learning provide training for Technical Skills.

To help healthcare workers who are usually starved for time, NTUC LHUB reduced the number of in-classroom training hours and introduce microlearning to minimise operational disruption.

We conducted 3-6 pilot runs per programme so that we could fine-tune our content for better learning outcomes. To assess the effectiveness of the programme, rigorous evaluations were introduced. These were done using online platforms in the form of 1 pre-course and 2 post-course surveys. By using design thinking in its problem identification and ideation process, NTUC LHUB’s programme is unique from other Adaptive Skills programmes in the market – this customized solution put together by NTUC LHUB and HSEU is unprecedented in the healthcare sector. NTUC LHUB also partners with Healthcare stakeholders, conducting focus group discussions to obtain the sentiments of the workers and employers from the ground. This marks the uniqueness of our customised programmes, reaffirming a ground-up product and service delivery with the ultimate aim of ensuring the employability and employment of Healthcare workers.

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