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Cyber Bootcamp

Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Accelerated Cybersecurity Career Training Bootcamp at NTUC Learning Hub.

The Cybint Remote Bootcamp is an accelerated cybersecurity training program designed to successfully prepare people with little or no background in IT for entry level jobs in cybersecurity, a highly in-demand and lucrative career path. 

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What is it &
Who is it for?

The Cybint Bootcamp at NTUC Learning Hub is an accelerated cybersecurity training program designed to successfully prepare people with little or no background in IT for entry level jobs in cybersecurity, a highly in-demand and lucrative career path. The Cybint Bootcamp is for anyone interested in becoming a cybersecurity professional. No prior knowledge or experience required.


Why Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the fastest growing market in technology with 30x growth over the last decade. Not only is it a hot topic, but the field has had 0% unemployment for nearly a decade. With plentiful opportunities and competitive compensation, the only thing standing in your way of a lucrative, future-proof career is skill.

Launch a Fulfilling, Future-Proof Career

Become a crucial asset in our technologically-driven world. Be able to meet the global demand for problem-solvers with strong technical foundations and the agility to keep learning.

Open Doors to Industry Connections

Tap into NTUC Learning Hub’s growing global network of tech experts, instructors, hiring partners, and alumni, and equip yourself to succeed in this rapidly growing sector.

Build a Professional Portfolio

Showcase your cybersecurity and collaboration skills to potential employers.

Get Personalised Job Support at Every Step

Build confidence with mock technical interviews and whiteboard challenges. Connect with top employers, and navigate your job search from end-to-end with a dedicated career coach.

480 hours
of content



16-online constulting


Curriculum Experience

Expert developed materials and activities preparing you for the industry

Acquire cybersecurity skill set from leading professional facilitators. Top-tier instructional guides at NTUC Learning Hub with industry-validated curriculum, hours of coaching practise and real-world projects.

Gain a Valuable Professional Network

Equip and grow your career alongside driven peers and potential collaborators. NTUC Learning Hub’s community provides you with invaluable resources.

Benefits of the Bootcamp


97% Employment Rate


Career-ready skills


Affordable & accelerated

How Does it Work?

The Cybint Bootcamp was developed around military training methodologies and hands-on learning. We know that everyone learns differently which is why NTUC Learning Hub offers Bootcampers with two accelerated tracks:

• Full time, 3 months: 4 hours on-site with the Bootcamp Facilitator and 4 hours individual online work.  
• Part time, 6 months: This will cover the same content, over a longer period of time and with on-site classes occurring only twice a week, 4 hours each day. 

During Bootcamp

• Self-paced and flexible learning with instant feedback

• Curriculum based on National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)

• Access to Cybint Cyber Experts for Q&A

• Guidance on job searching and resume building

Upon Graduation

• 12 months of continued access to Cybint’s online learning platform 

• Connection to our alumni and career network

• Career readiness for the most in-demand entry-level cybersecurity roles

What Cybersecurity Roles Can I Get?

Cyber Forensics Analyst

Common Job Titles:
Cyber Defense Forensic Analyst, Digital Forensics Analyst, Cyber Crime Analyst

Top Skills Requested:
Computer forensics, threat analysis, network defense, system administration, encryption

Cyber Defense Analyst

Common Job Titles:
Cybersecurity Analyst, SOC Analyst, Info Security Analyst, Network Defense Technician

Top Skills Requested:
Network defense, vulnerabilities assessment, data management, info assurance, incident management

Cyber Incident Responder

Common Job Titles:
Incident Response Analyst, Intrusion Analyst, Security Monitoring Analyst, Computer Crime Investigator

Top Skills Requested:
Incident management, network defense, information systems, digital forensics, threat analysis

Network Operations

Common Job Titles:
Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst, IT Specialist, Network Analyst, LAN/WAN Admin

Top Skills Requested:
Network management, information technology assessment, operating systems, system administration

Cyber Infrastructure

Common Job Titles:
Cyber Defense Infrastructure Support Specialist, Intrusion Detection System Admin, Network Security Specialist

Top Skills Requested:
Network defense, information systems, incident management, network security, encruption

Programme Outline

Introduction to the Bootcamp

Overview of the Cybersecurity Landscape and Industry

Basics of Computer and Device Hardware, Software, Operating Systems and Processes

Basics of Networking Traffic, Hardware Components and Topology

Network Communication Principles and Methods

Network and Routing Protocols / Services

Packet Level Traffic Analysis

Hands-on Operation of a Computer Network and Equipment, Monitoring and Analyzing Network Traffic Flow, Patterns and Performance

Hands-on Creation and Analysis of Critical Network Servers

• Hands-on Creation and Analysis of Telnet, Web, Data and Active Directory Servers

Hands-on Analysis of Network Topologies, Network Mapping and OS Fingerprinting

Telecommunication Concepts and Range

System and Network Admin Concepts, Management Principles and Controls

Hands-on Creation and Use of Virtual Machines and Bootable USB OS

• Overview of Threats, Classes, Attackers, Tactics, and Application Security Risks (OWASP)

Hands-on Communications Security through Encrypting and Decrypting Data and Medias

Hands-on Backup and Recovery of Data, Devices and Servers

Network Security Principles, Methods, Protocols, Components and Architectures

• Hands-on Assessment of Access Controls and Hardening Techniques to Ensure a Network’s Security

Hands-on Configuration and Utilization of a Firewall (on Windows, Linux and Hardware Firewall)

Hands-on Configuration and Utilization of a Network/Host Intrusion Detection/Prevention System to Alert and Prevent Malicious Activity on a Network

• Hands-on Configuration and Utilization of a Security Information and Event Management System to Correlate, Research, Analyze Logs and Provide Timely Detection of Misuse, Threats and Malicious Activity on the Network

Hands-on Malware Detection, Analysis, Isolation and Removal

• Cyber-Forensic Investigation Methodologies, Mindset, Tools

Hands-on Forensics Investigation: Logs, System Files, Media, Memory Dump and Traffic Monitoring and Analysis

Overview of Network Vulnerabilities, Associated Attacks; Ethical Hacking Methodologies, Stages, Principles, Tools and Techniques

Hands-on Conducting of Vulnerability and Compliance Scanning; and Correction Recommendation

Hands-on Performing Incident Response, Damage Assessment, Incident Triage, Tracking and Reporting

• Full Day Scenarios: Hands-on Protecting a Network from a Range of Cyber-Attacks (DDoS, SQL Injection, XSS, Ransomware, MiTM, ARP Poisoning, etc.)

• Analysis of System Security and Organizational Posture Trends

Analysis of Cyber-Defense Trends and Staying at the Cutting Edge of the Industry

Performing of Security Design and Architecture Evaluation and Ensuing Recommendation

• Hands-on Process of the Whole Chain of Custody for Handling Digital Evidence

Hands-on Performing of Static and Dynamic Analysis of Drive Images and other Data Sources, Recovery and Mitigation/Remediation of an Enterprise System

Risk and Security Management Processes and Security Models

Cybersecurity and Privacy Principles

Advising on Disaster Recovery, Contingency and Continuity

Summary and Presentation by Bootcampers

Technical and Soft-Skill Preparation of a Job Interview

Final Hands-on Scenario

We Focus on Skills

Cybint’s training programs are designed around Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Tasks according to the Singaporean Skills Framework for ICT and the program is accredited by both the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA).


Full Time

• Full time, Early August – Early October: Fully online activities and live virtual classes every day with the Bootcamp Facilitator, with built-in one-on-one time.

Part Time

• Part time, 6 months: This will cover the same content, over a longer period of time and with live virtual classes occurring only twice a week, 2 hours each day.

Subsidise Your Experience with us!

NTUC Learning Hub and Infocomm and Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) are collaborating on building tech talent in Singapore under the Tech Immersion and Placement Programme (TIPP). Singapore citizens and permanent residents who are accepted into NTUC Learning Hub’s course and meet the eligibility criteria will receive a subsidy. Terms and conditions will be outlined in the student contract. 

Eligibility Criteria for Subsidy:

– Receive an offer letter for placement in the Certificate in Software Engineering Immersive course (you will need to apply and be admitted to the course).

– Provide a copy of your NRIC/passport as proof of citizenship/permanent residency.


– Recipient must be committed to working in field of training, or building a tech startup in Singapore, and must provide proof of outcome after the course.

– Terms and conditions will be outlined in the student contract.

Trainees Below 40 Years old

 Total cost


After TIPP subsidy


Trainees Above 40 Years old

 Total cost


After TIPP subsidy


Testimonies from previous bootcamps:

“I really don’t regret doing this bootcamp as it was short, but really intense and enriching. The Bootcamp’s content and the way of delivery of Cybint’s platform allowed me to gain the skills to comfortably pass job interviews and get a great job with a salary I couldn’t dream of just weeks earlier. In my work I use every day the things we’ve learnt, in my case especially in the topics of Incident Response, system hardening and Linux. Beyond the learning, the bootcamp brought me to a level where I discuss technical topics with the CISOs of my new company’s clients, with ease and self-confidence.”

Victor Mohamed, Network Security Engineer at OPEN (37 years old)

“Cybint’s Bootcamp was a dense accelerated training, it efficiently grew and boosted a rich cybersecurity culture that enables me to work with the senior technical experts in the same language and mindset as peers.”

Eric C., Cybersecurity Account Manager of a European Aerospace Corporation at a Multinational IT Security Solution Provider. (48 years old)

“After two years of unemployment, Cybint’s Bootcamp enabled me to bring added value to my new company immediately after being hired, particularly in operating the security of network’s components.”

Mikaël Te, Junior Cybersecurity System Integrator at THIQA (28 years old)

“Cybint’s Bootcamp gave me the skills to get hired and fulfil the tasks in my first job in cybersecurity at Fidens. I’ve been using and I am still using tools and practical skills that we learned in Cybint’s Hands-On Labs. It was really useful and I’d say even revolutionary compared to traditional education and training. Moreover it gave the assurance and motivation to keep on learning topics that interest me particularly in cybersecurity ; that’s how I got promoted to a Penetration Testing position, fulfilling missions in various French CAC40 companies and even abroad, representing my firm.”

Kader Allaoua, Penetration Tester at Fidens (34 years old)

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The Cybint Bootcamp at NTUC Learning Hub covers tha hands-on and practical skills necessary for Bootcampers to land high-paying careers in cybersecurity, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

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