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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Create a Website for Business Success

1 Day Course

A strong, engaging web presence is a key element for success in marketing and driving sales in the today’s digital age. And Websites are cornerstone to a cohesive digital strategy for a business. If created with conversion centric design and managed with the right technology and processes, it can underpin Sales and Marketing efforts for any commercial establishment.

This course teaches Web Design principles and key elements needed for creating an engaging website. It also takes the Learner through the simple technicalities needed to develop and maintain a website.

Promote your website through Search Engine Optimization and Ads

2 Day Course

Ranking prominently on Google Search Engine Result Pages can bring online visibility to any business big or small. This can be achieved by optimising your website for Search Engines so as to gain natural organic rankings.

This 2-day course imparts the know-how for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

1 Day Course

Featuring prominently on Google Search Engine Result Pages can bring qualified traffic (prospects) to any business big or small. This can be achieved by setting up and running paid Search Ad campaigns.

This 1-day course imparts the necessary know-how for Search Engine Marketing using Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC).

Measure your Success

2 Day Course

Measuring Website Performance using Google Analytics

After making and marketing an Online Presence namely the website, it is imperative to measure its performance. Website Analytics are easily available to all website owners nowadays with free to use tools. Google Analytics is one such example and is the de facto tool to analyse website and marketing performance.

With this 2-day course Learners will get beginner to intermediate level familiarity with Google Analytics tool that will help them to analyse data, measure website performance and make informed decisions.

Launching in August 2019

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