Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

According to Statista, in Asia, 60.08% of total web traffic is from mobile devices. And the worldwide mobile app revenue in 2020 is projected to hit a whopping 188.9 billion US dollars.

Unsurprisingly, the skill to develop mobile application is highly sought after. Enroll in our mobile application courses for iOS, Android as well as cross-platform development.

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Courses for iOS App Development

5 Day Course

iOS App Development with Swift brings you through the development of a mini FoodPin iOS app project on a Mac running the latest macOS operating system, with Apples versatile integrated development environment tool Xcode, utilising the bundled rich software development kit, using Apples own newly designed Swift programming language.

Courses for Android App Development

5 Day Course

This course provides required knowledge and skills to design and build a complete Android application. It delivers an extensive training on the main Android SDK components and its interactions.

The course is updated to include topics compatible with all Android versions up to Android 8 (Oreo) and the source code updated to API 26. This course is mapped for AND-401 exam.

Courses for Cross-Platform App Development

3 Day Course

Wouldn’t it be great if you could develop your mobile app on a single platform and deploy it on both Android and iOS? Xamarin allows you achieve this. Using Xamarin, apps for both iOS and Android share the same codebase. Furthermore, they look and function just like natively developed applications.

Developing on Xamarin also comes with the advantage of developing the application on PC or Mac through a full-featured IDE,