10 Workplace Skills To Future-proof Your Career From Automation

31 Dec 2018 Posted in ⟨For Learners⟩

Will your job still be around in the next 2, 5 or 10 years? Or will it be overtaken by robots and computer programming?

According to a study conducted by McKinsey & Company, automation and artificial intelligence will displace nearly a quarter of work activities in Singapore by 2030. Throw in the rise of new technologies like 3D printing and blockchain and the future is ripe for disruption.

While jobs won’t entirely disappear, the only way to thrive in this constantly changing work environment will be to adopt a mindset of lifelong learning. Here are 10 of the most critical workplace skills to begin diversifying your abilities and future-proof your ‘rice bowl’ today!

1. Digital Savviness

Who this is for:

Those who are unfamiliar with new technologies

With rapid changes and constant disruptions at work, SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace – a national initiative – will empower 100,000 Singaporeans in the next 3 years to face the future economy. By understanding current and emerging technologies, you will be better prepared to navigate your career in a technology-rich environment.

Recommended course: SkillsFuture For Digital Workplace

2. Caregiving

Who this is for:

Aspiring and existing caregivers, nurses

The demand for care services is set to surge with the number of people aged 65 and above estimated to rise to 900,000 by 2030. “Caregiver burnout” is a real risk though, so whether you are a nurse, caregiver or considering a career switch, it’s essential that you acquire the right knowledge, skills and support.

Recommended course: (Core) WSQ Assist Clients to Meet Basic Hygiene Needs

3. Service Excellence

Who this is for:

Frontline professionals such as customer service representatives, store advisors, service crew

Human interaction will become increasingly important in an automated world. Having the ability to build meaningful relationships and effectively respond to challenging service situations will differentiate the good from the great.

Recommended course: Service Agility (WSQ Respond to Service Challenges)

4. Workplace Safety and Health (WSH)

Who this is for:

Construction workers, workers who need to enter a construction site

The total value of construction contracts awarded is estimated to rise to $31 billion this year. Capitalise on this unique opportunity in the construction industry by acquiring the WSQ Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Construction Sites – a mandatory certification for all construction industry workers.

Recommended course: (English) Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Construction Sites

5. Process Improvement

Who this is for:

Operational level workers such as machine operators, production floor operators, planners, craftsmen, technicians

According to consulting firm, Deloitte, continuous improvement will become even more important in an age of disruption. Learning how to identify, carry out and follow through on opportunities will enable your company to keep up in an uncertain environment.

Recommended course: WSQ Apply Continuous Process Improvement Techniques

6. Security

Who this is for:

Security officers, licensed auxiliary police officers

Although considered the second safest city in the world according to the Safe Cities Index 2017, Singapore has been on the radar for terror plots for years and 3 in 4 Singaporeans believe that it’s only a matter of time. With security agencies remaining vigilant, anti-terrorism will continue to be at the forefront of the government’s agenda.

Recommended course: WSQ Recognise Terrorist Threats

7. E-commerce (The Future of Retail)

Who this is for:

Businesses, professionals who wish to learn about global e-commerce

E-commerce is flourishing globally and in Singapore. The number of online shoppers is projected to rise from 64.8% in 2017 to 80.9% of the population in 2021, and this will provide great opportunities in electronics and media, furniture and homeware, and fashion and apparel.

Recommended course: The Nuts and Bolts of E-commerce Platforms

8. Workplace IT Basics

Who this is for:

Blue collar workers, those with minimal computer experience

No matter what workplace or industry you work in, IT has become a mandatory skill. You don’t need to be an expert coder though – you just need to know the basics such as navigating a desktop, creating emails and documents, and connecting to the internet.

Recommended course:WSQ – Use Basic Functions and Applications of a Computer (ICDL Certification Module: Intro to ICDL Base)

9. Adaptability and Flexibility

Who this is for:

Operational staff members

Adaptability will become a key sought-after trait, even for those conducting routine work activities under close supervision. Developing a growth mindset and the ability to foresee upcoming trends will ensure that you remain productive, effective and competitive in the job market.

Recommended course:Adapt to change (ES WSQ – Adapt to Change at Operations Level)

10. Self-Guided Learning

Who this is for:


Want to start your own e-commerce store or become a freelancer? Online learning platforms like Udemy empower you to direct your own future by studying the topics that set your heart on fire. With courses available anytime, anywhere, find your true passion and turn it into a career.

Recommended courses: Online learning with Udemy

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