Course Duration
7.0 hr(s)

What's In It for Me

  • You will be able to identify the challanges and myth of leadership
  • Identify ways to develop better chemistry at your current workplace with your leaders
  • Learn ways on how to mamimise your influence across your team and organisation.

Course Overview

“The true measure of leaders is not the number of people who serve them,
but the number of people they serve.”

Start gaining influence as a leader. Regardless of your position in your organisation, practicing effective self-leadership sets the stage and is a significant foundation for all other types of leadership to follow. Based on John C. Maxwell’s book “The 360 Leader“, assess your current relationship with your leaders and identify ways to develop better chemistry. Learn how winning outcomes can be created through leveraging on better peer relationships, and explore tangible ways to maximise your influence on others.

Course Schedule

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Course Objectives

  • Identify the challenges and myths of leadership
  • Assess your current relationship with your leaders and discover ways to develop better relational chemistry
  • Explore strategies for maximising influence across your teams and organisation
  • Learn how to develop an environment where everyone practices 360 leadership

Course Outline

Module 1:

  • Introduction to 360 Leadership
  • How to Gain Influence
    > John Maxwell on 360 Leadership
  • Leadership Myths & Challenges
  • Best Practices for Self-Leadership
    > John Maxwell on Leading Yourself Well
  • Action Plan

Module 2:

  • Leading Up – A Leader’s Greatest Challenge
    > Lighten the Load Strategy
    > Characteristics of Lightening & Weighing the Load
    > John Maxwell on Leading Up
  • Understanding The Rules
    > How Well Do You Know Your Leader?
    > My Leader’s 5 Rules
  • Investing in Relational Chemistry
  • Everyday Approach – When to Push & When to Back Down
    > Influence with a Purpose

Module 3:

  • Leading Across: Peer-to-Peer Influence & Collaborative Strategy
    > John Maxwell on Leading Across
  • Challenges to Leading Across
  • The Leadership Loop
  • Relationship Mapping
  • Competing vs. Completing
  • Expanding Your Circle of Influence
  • The Value / Benefits of Humility
  • The Best Idea Wins

Module 4:

  • Leading Down: Influence & People Development
  • Possessing a Non-Positional Mindset
  • The TEN Treatment
  • Models for Successful Feedback
    > A Note of Encouragement
  • Lead Down by Helping Others Lead Up
    > Asking Others to Lead Up to You
  • Complete Action Plan

Workshops are facilitated by a local trainer, accredited by The John Maxwell Company.

Certificate Obtained and Conferred by

Participants will be awarded with a Certificate of Attendance by The John Maxwell Company.

Additional Details

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This course is eligible for PDU Credits. Upon successful completion of this course, Project Management Professional (PMP) credential holders will be awarded with 7 PDUs. Applicants need to access the PMI CCR System at to claim their PDU points with the following details:

Provider ID: 3163

Activity ID: L360L

Activity Name: The 360 Leader

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