Course Duration
16.0 hr(s)
Who Should Attend

This course has been specifically designed for the learners who are required to prepare and submit reports in their course of work. It has been contextualised for the entrepreneur keen to start or is running a business.

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Course Objectives

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify objectives of report in accordance with organisational procedures to meet organisational requirements
  • Consult relevant stakeholders to outline and structure reports
  • Adhere to organisational code of conduct, values and ethics when writing reports to ensure quality and integrity
  • Draft reports to effectively convey information to readers
  • Proofread reports to minimise errors
  • Submit reports to relevant stakeholders for their necessary action
  • Seek feedback from relevant stakeholders to determine areas of improvement
  • Engage in self-reflection to identify own areas for improvement in report writing
  • Improve own report writing techniques by subscribing to learning channels to enhance own report writing skills for workplace application


Learners should be able to:

  • Understand that the business environment impacts the organisation
  • Understand relevant organisational strategies, objectives, culture, policies, processes, products and/or services
  • Have information gathering skills to gather and collate necessary data
  • Have analytical skills to identify objectives of reports, structure report logically and review feedback on reports
  • Have technological skills to use relevant word processing software to write reports
  • Be able to listen, speak, read and write English at a proficiency level equivalent to the Employability Skills Workforce Skills Qualifications (ES WSQ) Workplace Literacy (WPL) level 5

Course Outline


1.1 Objectives of Report

Report Audience & Objectives

1.2 Structure of Report

LU1.2 Type of Reports

LU1.3 Paragraphs

LU1.4 Report Structure

LU1.5 Information Sources

1.3 Considerations in Report Writing

LU1.6 Report Writing Considerations



2.1 Writing Strategies

LU2.1 Clear Messages

LU2.2 Report Writing Introductory Paragraph

LU2.3 Sentences Clarity

LU2.4 Cause and Effect Transition Signals

LU2.5 Paragraph Edit

LU2.6 Data Displays

LU2.7 Report Writing Body and Concluding Paragraphs

2.2 Final Touches – Editing and Proofreading

LU2.8 Word Check

LU2.9 Report Editing



3.1 Continuous Improvement

LU3.1 Improvement

Additional Details

  Individual Sponsored Non-SME SME
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Original Course Fee S$500.00 S$535.00 S$500.00 S$535.00 S$500.00 S$535.00
Singapore Citizens & PRs aged 21 years and above S$260.00 S$295.00 S$260.00 S$295.00    
Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above S$50.00 S$85.00 S$50.00 S$85.00    
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs Companies (90%)**         S$50.00 S$85.00

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