Pick Up These 8 Skills Without Breaking the Bank

31 Dec 2018 Posted in ⟨For Learners⟩

Studying may be the last thing on your mind with the price of water, goods and services constantly on the rise. But along with the Labour Movement’s announcement of more progressive wage models for lower-wage workers, upskilling will be crucial for those who want to acquire better jobs and rise above Singapore’s surging cost of living.

From IT to healthcare, NTUC LearningHub is here to help you advance your career through heavily subsidised courses and funding schemes. If beating the pinch without breaking the budget sounds good with you, check out some of the top skills to invest in below!

1. IT and Workplace Skills

Advances in technology have drastically changed how we work, and rather than fighting it, we need to learn how to work with it. Offering courses in areas such as Data Analytics, Cybersecurity and Project Management, the UTAP (Union Training Assistance Program) Professional Development Series (Mini Series) will teach you how to thrive in the new economy at an affordable rate.

Recommended Courses: UTAP Development Series (Mini Series)

Before funding: $270.00

After funding: $20.00

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2. Healthcare

World-leading, innovative and forward-looking, Singapore’s healthcare system is set to grow dramatically over the next couple of years. An extra 30,000 healthcare workers will be needed to serve an ageing population with a particular demand in the community and at-home care.

Recommended Course: (Core) WSQ Assist Clients To Meet Basic Hygiene Needs

Before funding: $363.80

After SkillsFuture funding: $91.80

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3. Security

The security industry is undergoing a period of transformation with basic pay set to increase by around $300 by 2021. Offering a meaningful and rewarding career, security roles vary greatly and can involve protecting critical installations, valuables, private premises and major events, or managing systems and technology.

Recommended Course: WSQ Basic Licensing Unit

Before funding: $856.00

After SkillsFuture funding: $216.00

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4. Warehouse Operations

Warehousing continues to offer ample career opportunities in the light of Singapore’s strategic location and is booming in regional cross-border trade. While technology is increasingly making an impact on the industry,

understanding and acquiring the basics of warehousing and logistics is still essential.

Recommended Course: WSQ Perform Warehouse Operations

Before funding: $385.20

After SkillsFuture funding: $113.20

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5. Cleaning

The first sector to offer explicit wage and training requirements under the Progressive Wage Model, the future of the cleaning industry looks bright. Unique opportunities exist in eco-friendly and speciality cleaning and technological advances have driven the National Environment Agency (NEA) to elevate 30,000 environmental service workers to “higher value-added jobs” by 2025.

Recommended Course: WSQ Perform Basic Cleaning of Hard Floor Surfaces

Before funding: $462.24

After SkillsFuture funding: $116.64

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6. Food & Beverage

From the local hawker centre to Michelin Star dining, F&B contributes over $14.4 billion to Singapore’s GDP every year. Also operating under the Progressive Wage Model, F&B is constantly evolving and there are many opportunities across the board from working at the front of the house to middle management to the back kitchen.

Recommended Course: Follow Food and Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures

Before funding: $160.50

After SkillsFuture funding: $40.50

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7. SkillsFuture For Digital Workplace (SFDW)

The future economy presents a whole new range of digital opportunities. However, only those possessing digital skills will be able to tap into them. Held over 2 days, SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace offers a hands-on, interactive and practical approach to acquiring the basic skills and mindset required for everyday work and life.

Recommended Course: SkillsFuture For Digital Workplace

Before funding: $695.50

After funding: $50.00

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8. Second Skilling and Retrench-Proofing

These days, one skill simply isn’t enough. True career success and sustainability lies in combining multiple skills with lifelong learning. Rather than waiting for a career change, Udemy enables you to start preparing for it today. Aside from being able to study on your own time, you will also be able to use your SkillsFuture credits to gain reimbursements on eligible courses.

Recommended Course: SkillsFuture Credit Eligible Courses on Udemy

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Bonus Tip: Learn & Earn

Offset your daily expenditure with LinkPoints when you learn new skills with us. For every dollar spent, you’ll receive 2 LinkPoints. Check out our range of popular and affordable courses to learn new skills!

At NTUC LearningHub, we believe in helping you gain valuable work and life skills to improve your employability, through affordable means. Have a look at our various funding schemes that can help with your personal and career development.

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