The Ultimate 2018 Career Forecast for Every Chinese Zodiac

31 Dec 2018 Posted in ⟨For Learners⟩

Want to know what’s in store for your career in the Year of the Dog? Here’s a rundown of each zodiac as advised by leading Feng Shui expert, Joey Yap and our recommended courses to advance your progression in the new lunar year!

Choose Your Chinese Zodiac Sign below:

1. RAT

Negative people could make this a rocky year so focus on developing new and relevant skills. With Singapore’s ICT sector currently booming, upskilling in areas such as e-commerce business, e-commerce trends and digital marketing will help you to reap the benefits.

Recommended course: Masterclass in Optimising Your E-Commerce Business with Advanced Techniques

2. OX

A favourable year for female-dominated industries. While there will be few fluctuations at work, be mindful of tensions with your colleagues. Stay composed and mitigate these by learning how to better manage team discipline and grievances.

Recommended course: Grievances Handling and Discipline


There will be a boost in work success but you must work hard and be alert. To avoid misunderstandings in the workplace, improve your communication skills and learn how to develop strategies that influence key stakeholders.

Recommended course: CIPD Masterclass: The Influential HR and Stakeholder Management


Expect new friends, rapport with your superiors and opportunities to showcase your abilities. Overexertion is a real risk though. Pick up some stress and time management techniques to be more effective.

Recommended course: Stress and Time Management


Pressure, harsh superiors and conflicts could leave you worse for wear. Hang in there and stay motivated. Gaining foundational principles in leadership will help you to use these experiences to build your character.

Recommended course: John Maxwell – 5 Levels of Leadership


A great time for reshuffling career priorities (e.g. a new job or a new company), self-awareness tools such as Identi3 will help you to make clearer decisions. Once you have rediscovered stability, start making and executing grander plans for the future.

Recommended course: Identi3 – Unlocking Your Potential


While there will be opportunities to accumulate wealth (e.g. a pay rise), there will also be work conflicts. Building your team relationships will help you to overcome those that stand between you and your goals.

Recommended course: John Maxwell – Build Team Relationships


Your hard work will be rewarded this year, so use this opportunity to maximise your influence. Develop skills such as visual communications to showcase your talents, look out for mentors and be open to new ideas and collaborative opportunities.

Recommended course: Visual Communication Using Adobe Photoshop


This will be a rocky year full of many obstacles. Consistency and perseverance will be the way forward to develop your abilities in coping with negative emotions and handling challenging customers and clients.

Recommended course: Service Excellence – Handling Challenging Customers


Hold off on starting new projects and develop your project management skills so that you can complete what is on hand. If job-related travel opportunities come up, grab them as they will help you grow.

Recommended course: NICF – Project Management Fundamentals

11. DOG

This will be a tough year where pressure and harsh superiors will decrease your productivity. It’d be unwise to shift jobs though. Make the best of it by being determined and improving your business savvy skills.

Recommended course: Understanding Six Sigma

12. PIG

You will have many opportunities to showcase your talents and progress your career, to develop data visualization skills to capitalise on it. In addition, seek help from colleagues to overcome any obstacles and remember to schedule time off to unwind.

Recommended course: NICF IT – Data Visualization Skills

To up your game in the Year Of The Dog, do not be limited by just our recommended courses! Check out our full suite of professional courses on our website or talk to our friendly Course Consultants at NTUC Trade Union House, e2i (Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability), LHUB @ Tampines Mall (our newest location) or any of our roadshows islandwide.

Here’s wishing you and your loved ones Gong Xi Fa Cai in the Year Of The Dog!

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