Course Duration
7.0 hr(s)

Course Overview

Few things are more inspiring and energizing than leaders who seek to serve their people and see those people rise up to their potential and become leaders themselves.

Are your employees equipped to perform well? Why is providing constructive feedback so difficult? An interactive workshop that will teach you to have productive coaching and feedback conversations.

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Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the behaviors and challenges to successful coaching
  • To apply the GROW model for coaching others
  • Define feedback and apply the SHARE model for providing feedback
  • To recognise and manage the responses to feedback effectively

Course Outline

1. Identify the behaviors and challenges to successful coaching

Coaching is a profession mostly aligned to the world of athletics and sports, whether it be an individual athlete or a team sport. In recent years, coaching has crossed over into other disciplines and has tremendous application for business. During the Workshop, we will look at the behaviors of successful coaches (leaders) and the impact those behaviors have on their employees. We will discover the benefits of coaching: for the leader, the employee and ultimately the company. Well also cover the purpose of coaching. There are three distinctive ways to coach and each are applied in different settings:

  • The employee is new to the position or team
  • The employee has a development opportunity
  • The employee has a performance issue

In all of these coaching scenarios the conversations are different and require unique methods and techniques from the leader. The leader will need to be prepared with tools to lead effective coaching sessions. Tools needed included:

  • Educate/ Inform
  • Champion/ Sponsor
  • Encourage/Support
  • Counsel/ Guidance
  • Confront

2. To apply the GROW model for coaching others

The GROW model was first introduced by Sir John Whitmore in his book, Coaching for Performance. Since that time, the model has gone through several modifications. The GROW model is a simple and effective four-step model for coaching individuals. It can be applied to various coaching situations.

  • Goal: What are we working to accomplish?
  • Reality: What is currently happening to the situation?
  • Options: What options or choices can help us move forward?
  • Will: What will need to happen next to accomplish the goal?

3. Define feedback and apply the SHARE model for providing feedback

Feedback is the identification and communication of behaviors, their impact, and the alignment of those behaviors to meet pre-determined business goals. The goal of feedback is to reinforce or redirect the performance of an individual. Its important to identify the benefits of providing feedback, especially as a leader. While feedback is the answer to the question, How am I doing? and is intended for individuals to reflect on their performance, we need a consistent approach for providing both positive and constructive feedback.

  • Share – Provides a place in time that can be easily identified
  • How it was Approached – Describe the exact behavior that was observed
  • Result – Stresses the importance of the behavior, its contribution or detraction
  • Expectations – What do you need to continue (reinforce) or what needs to change (redirect)

4. To recognise and manage the response to feedback in order to develop

Once feedback is given, its also important to prepare for the response that feedback elicits. As the acronym SARA expresses, especially with constructive feedback, the response could be: Surprise, Anger, Rationalisation or Acceptance. Its too important to navigate it effectively so it can lead to improved performance.

*Workshops are facilitated by a John Maxwell Master Trainer

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Participants will be awarded with a Certificate of Attendance by The John Maxwell Company.

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