Course Duration
16.0 hr(s)
Who Should Attend

This workshop is for staffs at all levels who need to make an impressive presentation.

Course Overview

Is it possible to make an impact using the same standard presentation all the time? Get real. Clients are different with varying needs, wants and expectations!

The power of the charismatic presenter lies in customizing an impactful multimedia presentation to cater to different audience and contexts and displaying excellent showmanship.

The power to present is the power to excel. This course seeks to differentiate a good presenter from the mediocre and is designed for aspiring individuals who want to take charge of things and situations to make a difference.

Course Schedule

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Course Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of an audience-centric presentation
  • Identify and evaluate the different type of presentation multimedia for an integrated and holistic presentation
  • Organise and structure qualitative and quantitative information in a logical and clear manner
  • Apply the use of verbal and non-verbal cues for an impactful content delivery
  • Identify ways to handle difficult questions and situations

Course Outline

  • Understanding your target audience and how to customise a presentation
  • The preparation checklist for a no-hiccup presentation
  • Types of audio and visual tools and how to use them appropriately
  • How to integrate diagrams, charts, tables, pictures and hyperlinks to present content clearly and concisely
  • How to make a stunning introduction and an impactful conclusion
  • Voice projection and intonation to arouse interest and excitement
  • The body language and how to control nervousness
  • Importance of audience participation and ways to get them involved
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different room setup
  • Ways to handle difficult questions and situations

Certificate Obtained and Conferred by

Certificate of Attendence from NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd

Additional Details

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

Trainer will adopt active hands-on participation from learners in the following:

  • Scan authentic material to discover the features of Singlish
  • Work in pairs or groups to convert Singlish to Standard English
  • Practice correct pronunciation for commonly mispronounced words or expressions


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With GST
Course Fee
$ 642.00

Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP):

Course may be applicable for UTAP funding. Please contact sales consultants for more information.

Prices does not include pre & post assessment fees and subject to GST and other LHUB miscellaneous fees.

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