Course Duration
16.0 hr(s)
Mode of Assessment

There will be a compulsory ICDL Certification Online Assessment for this course. Minimum 75% attendance is needed prior to the assessment.

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for:

  • Trainees interested in gaining basic computing and coding concepts and knowledge

Course Overview

With the increased use of computers in all aspects of our lives, there is a growing interest in computational thinking and coding. Demand for such skills are also skyrocketing, indicating its importance and value in our Digital 4.0 era. ICDL Computing sets out the essential concepts and skills relating to the use of computational thinking, covering problem decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithms as well as problem solving relating to coding.

Course Schedule

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Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand key concept relating to computing and the typical activities involved in creating a program.
  • Understand and use computational thinking techniques like problem decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithms to analyse a problem and develop solutions.
  • Write, test and modify algorithms for a program using flowcharts and pseudocode
  • Understand key principles and terms associated with coding and the importance of well-structured and documented code
  • Understand and use programming constructs like variables, data types, and logic in a program.
  • Improve efficiency and functionality by using iteration, conditional statements, procedures and functions, as well as events and commands in a program.
  • Test and debug a program and ensure it meets requirements before release.


Trainings will be conducted on Zoom platform, thus webcam and microphone are compulsory

Kindly make sure that you have a Laptop or Desktop with Windows OS installed prior to attending class.

These are the admission requirements:

  • Be a proficient user of computer and computer software
  • Be able to Speak, Listen, Read and Write English at WPL Level 4 or equivalent.
  • Be able to manipulate numbers at WPN Level 4 or equivalent
  • Have keen interest to acquire new knowledge and skill.
  • Have some exposure to Coding (eg. Microbit)

Course Outline

Topic 1: Computing Terms

  •   Key Concepts

Topic 2: Computational thinking methods

  •   Problem Analysis
  •   Algorithms

Topic 3: Starting to Code

  •   Getting Started
  •   Variables and data types

Topic 4: Building using code

  •   Logic
  •   Iteration
  •   Conditionality
  •   Procedures and functions
  •   Events and commands

Topic 5: Test, Debug, Release

  •   Run, Test, Debug
  •   Release

Certificate Obtained and Conferred by

Successful trainees will receive the internationally recognised ICDL Certificate upon completion of the course. This certificate is administered by ICDL Singapore.

Additional Details

Funding Information

Course reference code in SkillsConnect:

  • For Training Grant application, please use the following reference code.

Reference code: CRS-N-0050551


  Course Fee Payable 
Individual Pricing w/o GST w GST
 Course Fee $500.00 $535.00
SkillsFuture Funding, >=21 yrs old $275.00 $310.00
SkillsFuture Funding, >=40 yrs old $50.00 $85.00
Corporate Pricing    
Non-SME w/o GST w GST
Course Fee $500.00 $535.00
SkillsFuture Funding, >=21 yrs old $275.00 $310.00
SkillsFuture Funding, >=40 yrs old $50.00 $85.00
Course Fee $500.00 $535.00
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs Companies $50.00 $85.00

Prices does not include pre & post assessment fees and subject to GST and other LHUB miscellaneous fees

Note: SkillsFuture Funding, >=21 yrs old : Applicable to Singapore Citizen/PR

SkillsFuture Funding, >=40 yrs old : Applicable to Singapore Citizen ONLY

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