Course Duration
16.0 hr(s)
Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for trainees who are interested in knowing the essential concepts and skills relating to web browsing, effective information search, online communication and email using a tablet.

Course Overview

With increased reliance on online services in our daily life for work, communication and recreational needs, it is important that we keep up to date with and get the most from available online tools. ICDL Online Essentials (Tablets) establishes core concepts and skills relating to web browsing, effective information search, online communication and email on a tablet.

Course Schedule

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Course Objectives

  • Understand web browsing and online security concepts
  • Use the web browser and manage browser settings, bookmarks, and web outputs
  • Search effectively for online information and critically evaluate web content
  • Understand key copyright and data protection issues
  • Understand concepts of online communities, communications and email.
  • Send, receive e-mails and manage email settings
  • Organise and search emails and use calendars

Course Outline

Getting Started

  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Web Pages Concepts
  • Web Address Structure
  • Web Browsing
  • Online Activities

Navigation in a Browser

  • Navigation Tools
  • Managing Tabs
  • Managing Bookmarks
  • Browsing History
  • Help Functions

Searching the Web

  • Information Search
  • Web-Based Encyclopedias, Dictionaries
  • Critical Evaluation

Web Page Interaction

  • File Downloads
  • Text, Image and URL
  • Web Based Forms
  • Web Tools

Browser Settings & Security

  • Site Settings
  • Blocking Pop-Ups
  • Managing Cookies
  • Secure Websites

Online Communication

  • Communicating Tools
  • Online Communities
  • Publish and Share Online
  • Good Online Communication Practice
  • Privacy and Security

Basics of Email Communication

  • Email Features
  • Email Attachments
  • Fraudulent and Unsolicited emails
  • Phishing Emails
  • Email Support

Communicating through Email

  • Access an Email Account
  • Email Folders/Labels
  • Creating an Email
  • Replying to a Message
  • Forwarding a Message

Working with Email Components

  • Read Status
  • Attaching a File
  • Managing an Attachment
  • Creating a Signature
  • Automatic Replies
  • Managing A Contact
  • Managing a Contact Group

Organising Emails

  • Using Search
  • Sorting Messages
  • Deleting Messages
  • Managing Spam Messages

Using Calendar

  • Using Google Calendar
  • Navigating the Calendar
  • Scheduling a New Event
  • Updating an Event
  • Cancelling an Event
  • Accepting/Declining an Event Invitation

Guidelines for Online Activities

  • Online Security and Safety
  • Controlling Internet Use
  • Understanding Encryption
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property
  • Data Protection

Certificate Obtained and Conferred by

Successful trainees will receive the internationally recognised ICDL Certificate upon completion of the course.

Additional Details

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

Teacher: Student Ratio is 1: 24


  Individual Sponsored Non-SME SME
  w/o GST w GST w/o GST w GST w/o GST w GST
Original Course Fee  $320.00  $342.40  $320.00  $342.40  $320.00  $342.40
Singapore Citizens & PRs aged 21 years and above  $64.00  $86.40  $64.00  $86.40    
Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above  $32.00  $54.40  $32.00  $54.40    
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs Companies (90%) **          $32.00  $54.40

Course reference code in SkillsConnect:

  • For Training Grant application, please use the following reference code

Reference code: CRS-Q-0040035-ES

Skills Development Fund (SDF) and SkillsFuture Funding:

  • Participants must attend at least 75% of the course, complete the exam with a pass or competent result
  • Online applications are not applicable for companies applying funding with Absentee Payroll

For Company Registration:

  • Customers who are applying funding for trainee(s), please submit Training Grant applications in SkillsConnect website before registration
  • Training Grant number is to be submitted together with the registrations
  • Payment for the course must be using company cheque or via GIRO
  • For more information on SDF Training Grant application, please click HERE

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