Course Duration
15.0 hr(s)
Who Should Attend

Participants of this course could be from:

  • Private Investigators
  • Investigation Assistants
  • Security Directors, Managers and Executives
  • HR Directors, Managers and Executives
  • Directors, Managers and Executives
  • Anyone who has functional responsibilities to investigate

What's In It for Me

  • Be able to apply interview strategies, understand the psychology in detecting deception.
  • Apply the 5 step interrogation technique effectively to obtain the truth.
  • Understand the legal and evidential issues relating to confessions.

Course Overview

Interviews are used extensively to establish the facts of a case, complaint or accuracy of the information given. This course conducted by an experienced practitioner trainer will provide you with the application skills to conduct effective interviews to get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You will be introduced to the various methods employed by leading practitioners to establish truthful information from interviewing subjects. The program provides the effectiveness of adopting the right strategy, acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge including the legal requirements in conducting interviews and recording statements

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Course Objectives

  • Understand the investigative interview process
  • Apply the interview strategy
  • Understand the psychology in detecting deception
  • Apply the system based on detecting deception techniques
  • Appreciate the Legal issues in conducting interviews in an investigation
  • Understand the legal and evidential issues relating to confessions
  • Apply the analysis method to identify potential evidence in any case
  • Understand the psychological factors in an interrogation
  • Apply the 5 step interrogation technique to get the truth
  • Appreciate the science and art of an interrogation

Course Outline

Day 1: Investigate Interview

  • The 3P Strategy Planning, Preparation & Presentation
  • Effective interview structure and process
  • Question techniques formulation & design
  • Legal issues including the admissibility of statements in Court
  • Practical application on the interview road map

Detecting Deception during the Interview

  • Physiological & Psychological factors
  • Micro facial expressions
  • Verbal & non-verbal analysis
  • 5C lie detection technique
  • Practical application at various stages

Day 2: Non-Confrontational Interrogation

Understanding Evidence

  • Admissibility of accused statements
  • Evidential rules & requirements
  • 3P case analysis method to identify potential evidence
  • Practical application on real-life cases

Interrogation Science

  • The 3C confidence equation – pre-interrogation advantage
  • Psychological factors in conducting an effective interrogation
  • 5 step perception creator in getting a confession
  • Multiple scenario practical application

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