Course Duration
6.0 hr(s)
Who Should Attend
  • Seniors who are looking to understand stressors, mental resilience and well-being
  • Seniors who are looking to enhance and maintain mental well-being

Course Overview

Discover how you can strengthen your mental resilience and well-being, which are important factors of successful ageing. Join us to learn about mental well-being and the common issues affecting it. In our daily lives, we may face stressors which affect our ability to experience life in a positive manner and could increase our vulnerability to mental health difficulties. Through experiential learning, this course will help you pick up practical tips to enhance and maintain your mental well-being.

Course Schedule

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Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participants shall:

  • Be aware of some most common mental well-being issues faced by seniors and why they occur
  • Be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of these mental well-being issues, and know of approaches, techniques and resources to prevent and manage them
  • Acquire a positive outlook towards ageing


Prior to attending this course, learner should be able:

  • To read and write English at a proficiency level equivalent to ES WSQ level 3.

Course Outline

1. Participants will be able to identify and discuss:

a. Changes associated with ageing that challenge seniors’ mental well-being

b. Stress and its physiological reactions

c. Common mental well-being issues of stress, anxiety and depression, and their signs and symptoms

d. Complications of mental ill-being

e. Factors that promote mental well-being and resilience

2. Participants will be able to apply practical tips on:

a. How to maintain mental well-being as we age

b. Medical and professional care: What, Where, When and How to seek help

3. Participants will be able to identify positive attitudes and mindsets to cultivate for enhancing and sustaining mental well-being, namely:

a. Accepting mental health issues as being a common human experience, overcoming the prejudices and stigma against them

b. Confident that anyone can overcome mental health issues with a positive mindset and some external help

c. Have empathy and motivation to reach out to and connect with families and friends as a means to strengthen mental well-being in oneself and others

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Seniors aged 50 years and above (NSA Subsidy)



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