EC Council Ethical Hacking Essentials

EC Council

Ethical Hacking Essentials (EHE)

Ethical Hacking Essentials (EHE) is a security program covering the fundamental concepts of information security and ethical hacking.

It equips students with the skills required to identify the increasing information security threats which reflect on the security posture 
of the organization and implement general security controls.
What will you Learn?
1. Key issues plaguing the information security world and information security laws and standards
2. Fundamentals of ethical hacking
3. Information security threats and vulnerabilities
4. Different types of malware
5. Different types of password cracking techniques and countermeasures
6. Social engineering techniques, insider threats, identity theft, and countermeasures
7. Network level attacks (sniffing, denial of service, and session hijacking) and countermeasures
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What will you Learn?
8. Application level attacks (web server attacks, web application 
attacks, and SQL injection) and countermeasures
9. Wireless encryption, wireless threats, and countermeasures
10. Mobile platform attack vector, mobile device management, 
mobile security guidelines, and security tools
11. IoT and OT concepts, attacks, and countermeasures
12. Cloud computing technologies, cloud computing threats, attacks,
and security techniques
13. Fundamentals􀀃of􀀃pen􀀃testing

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