The Essentials Of Virtual Event Planning

The Essentials Of Virtual Event Planning

Virtual events have cemented themselves as the main feature in this new world of communications. While we certainly miss face-to-face interactions, virtual events have certainly opened up a host of new opportunities. The possibilities are limitless and you want to land on what is right for you.

The following programmes are carefully put together to help you to adapt to the new trends in the New Normal.

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Reimagine Yourself
Build your personal branding, draw your audience in and turn them into loyal customers.
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Engage Wider Virtually

Project-manage and miss nothing with your key stakeholders in the modern workplace through the use of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools
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Host Virtual Events & Conferences

Transform company events into interactive media experiences, engage and delight customers with a multi-channel conferencing experience. 
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Derive Post-Events Analytics & Reports

Track performance statistics, learn more about your audience and identifying engagement levels and participation trends to gain deeper insights
Course Duration: 56 hours (7 Days)
Total Bundle Course Fees (Before Enhanced Training Support Funding): $2,140 (Including GST)

Total Bundle Course Fees (After 90% Enhanced Training Support Funding): $214 (Including GST)

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