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Career Support Programme (CSP)

Career Support Programme (CSP)

The Career Support Programme (CSP) aims to encourage employers to tap into the wealth of experience that mature Singaporean Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) can bring to the workplace. Wage support is extended to employers that offer suitable job opportunities to mature Singaporean PMEs who have been actively looking for jobs for a considerable period of time. Employers and new hires must fulfil the eligibility criteria.

With the announcement of the Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI), which will take effect from Sep 2020, CSP will cease w.e.f. 1 Sep 2020. The latest work commencement date for CSP-eligible hires is 31 Aug 2020. Employers may continue to submit CSP notifications on WSG Feedback Portal no later than 3 months from work commencement date (i.e. if individual commenced work on 31 Aug 2020, the last day of the CSP application submission is 30 Nov 2020). Any late submission will strictly not be processed.

Who can qualify?

Employer who meets the following criteria:

  • Be a company that is registered or incorporated in Singapore
  • Employs eligible PME job seeker(s) with a monthly gross salary of at least $4,000 (for non-SMEs ($3,600 for SMEs)
  • Employs eligible PME job seeker(s) with a permanent job or employment contract duration of at least 12 months
  • For more information regarding CSP eligibility, please refer to the FAQs 

What does it cover?

Salary Support for Singapore Citizen PMETs First 6 months of employment Second 6 months of employment Third 6 months of employment
≥40 years unemployed and actively looking for jobs for ≥12 months 50% 30% 20%
≥40 years unemployed and actively looking for jobs for 6 months to <12 months OR made redundant 40% 20% N.A
<40 years unemployed and actively looking for jobs ≥6 months 20% 10% N.A
Gross* monthly salary: Offering at least $3,600/month for SME^ (capped at $7,000/month) Offering at least $4,000/month for Non-SME^ (capped at $7,000/month)

* The sum of the New Hire’s basic monthly salary and any fixed monthly allowance (excluding shares)
^Companies must be legally registered or incorporated in Singapore, with a Unique Entity Number (UEN)
Note: Companies will not be eligible for absentee payroll support from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and other wage support from any other government funding for the same period as they would have already received salary support under the CSP

Note: Your company will not be eligible for other absentee payroll support from SSG when sending the mature Singaporean PME hired under CSP for training as you would have already received wage support from the CSP. To participate in this programme you need to contact SSG first.

For additional details, see programme FAQ or visit WSG Website.

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