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Software Developer (Java)

Software Developers are responsible for creating and testing computer systems. They often work closely with Project Managers and Business Analysts to ensure the effectiveness of an organisation.  Senior Software Developers usually have more management, planning or research responsibilities.

 Salary Range (SGD)1   Years of Experience
5,000 – 6,800  3 – 6 Years

Software Developers may move into related fields such as system design, IT architecture, or business system analysis. They may also work as a freelance consultant or start their own company.

What do Software Developers do?

  • Managing clients requirements
  • Supervising development teams
  • Planning technical designs and progress meetings
  • Writing, testing and providing feedback on computer programmes and code
  • Testing and compiling records of the process
  • Reviewing and troubleshooting technical problems
  • Maintaining and support technical systems

Who are ideal for such a role?

Two good traits of high performing programmers are proactive learning and good research skills. Good programmers always pick up new languages because they have an open mind for opportunities and not just when they needed it.

As many problems may surface, good performers are able to rely on their logic skills to perform root cause analysis and search for solutions.

Other valued traits include sense of project ownership and good planning skills.

Why be one?

  • IT Development Related Professionals are in demand:

The  IMDA’s Annual Survey on Infocomm Manpower for 20152 estimated that they accounted for 48% or 92,600 of the total demand for Infocomm professionals, with software developer jobs being the most in demand.

As at 1 Jun 2015, about 83,800 professionals were employed in IT Development roles and an additional 8,800 roles were vacant.

Employers estimated demand to increase by another 29,800 for these job roles by 2018.

What courses do we recommend to start your career as a Software Developer (Java)?

Foundational Courses

Software Developer (Java) Track


Source: Kelly 2016 Salary Guide

* Please note that the salary ranges can only be approximate guides.

Source: IMDA Annual Infocomm Manpower Survey and

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