Post Secondary Education Scheme (PSEA)

Post Secondary Education Scheme (PSEA)

The PSE scheme helps parents save for their children’s post-secondary education by maintaining a Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) for each eligible child. This is part of the Government’s efforts to encourage every Singaporean to complete his post-secondary education. It also underscores the Government’s commitment to support families in investing in the future education of their children, and to prepare them for the economy of the future. PSEA is not a bank account.

It is administered by the Ministry of Education and is opened automatically for all eligible Singaporeans.

What can the PSEA funds be used for?

A child can use his PSEA funds to pay for his own or his siblings’ approved fees and charges for approved programs conducted by institutions listed here.

SSG funded courses (WSQ and NICF) offered by NTUC LearningHub, leading to WSQ Statement of Attainments (SOA) and full qualifications are eligible under this scheme.

However, you will have to check your eligibility and balance by contacting MOE first.

Contact MOE at (65) 6260 0777
E-mail to MOE at
Click here for MOE website.

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