Hybrid Workplace

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruption to our everyday lives and we are not going back to the pre-pandemic way of living anytime soon. As we progress towards the new norm, companies and organisations have implemented new ways of working such as hybrid workplace arrangements and remote working. 

While we continue to adapt to the new norm, how do you ensure your workers are empowered with skills to stay relevant and productive at work?

With the SkillsFuture Critical Core Skills framework, you can steer the workforce to victory by levelling up your employees to thrive and excel in this changing business environment.

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Why This Is Important For Companies

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Empower your employees with these specially curated programmes to adapt competently in this new norm of working to strive and lead at work
Adaptive Skills
Critical Core Skills
Developing Team
Developing Yourself
Who Should Attend: Existing Managers, New Managers, Assistant Managers, Team Leaders, Aspiring Team Leaders
Who Should Attend: Specialist, Frontline Employees, Ground Service Employee
Thinking Critically Problem Solving

-Grievances Handling & Consequence Management in a hybrid workplace [ETST] [F2F MODE]

-Accelerating Teamwork in a Hybrid Environment [ETST][F2F MODE]

-Respond to Service Challenges through Hybrid platforms [ETSA,ETSL,ETST][DUAL MODE]

-Articulate and Discuss Ideas in a Hybrid Setting powered by Wiley (synchronous e-learning) [ETSA,ETST][DUAL MODE]

Interacting With Others Collaboration

-Virtual Collaboration [ETST][F2F]

-Manage Diverse Teams in A Hybrid Work Environment [ETST,ETSA][DUAL MODE]

-People Development Level 3 in a Hybrid Workplace Powered By John Maxwell [ETST][F2F MODE]

-Online Collaboration [NON ETST][DUAL MODE]

-Work In A Team [DUAL MODE]

-5 Strategies To Win With People in a Hybrid Environment [ETST][F2F MODE]

Customer Orientation

-Foster Service Innovation powered by ESSEC in a Hybrid Environment [ETSA,ETST][DUAL MODE]

Coach For Service Performance [ETST][F2F]

-Engage in Service Innovation Initiatives in a Hybrid Environment powered by ESSEC [ETST][DUAL MODE]

Establish Relationships for Customer Confidence [ETST][F2F]

Developing People

-Develop Personal Effectiveness at the Managerial Level in the Future of Work [NON ETSP][DUAL MODE]

-Develop Personal Effectiveness at the Supervisory Level in the Future of Work [NON ETSP][DUAL MODE]

-People and Performance Management in the Future of Work [ETST,ETSA][DUAL MODE]

-The 360 Degree Leader in a Hybrid Workplace [ETST][F2F MODE]

Living The Laws Of Leadership [ETST][F2F MODE]

-Develop Personal Effectiveness in the Future of Work [ETSP][DUAL MODE]

-Work In A Diverse Service Environment with a Hybrid Workplace powered by John Maxwell [ETSA,ETST][DUAL MODE]


-Organisational Relationship building in a Hybrid Workplace [Non ETST][F2F MODE]

-Establish Relationships for Customer Confidence in Hybrid Workplace [ETST][F2F MODE]

Communication -Facilitate Communication and Engagement Effectively with a Hybrid Team [NON ETST][DUAL MODE] -Engage and Communicate Well with Others in a Hybrid Workplace [ETST][DUAL MODE]
Staying Relevant Learning Agility -Design Thinking for Innovation (SF) in a Hybrid Environment [ETST][DUAL MODE] -Design Thinking for Operations (SF) in a Hybrid Environment [ETST][DUAL MODE]
Self Management -Professional Branding that Contributes Towards the Success of a Hybrid Organisation [ETST][F2F MODE]
Adaptability -Direct End-to-end Change Management Powered By Kotter (Synchronous E-learning) [ETST][ETSA] -Apply Continuous Improvement Thinking In Hybrid Workplace [ETST][DUAL MODE]

Enhanced Training Support & Absentee Payroll

The Enhanced Training Support Package (ETSP) was part of the Stabilisation and Support Package and supplementary Resilience Budget announced by Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat. It seeks to help companies in affected sectors tide over the economic impact of the pandemic and to help them position themselves for subsequent recovery.

A) Enhanced Training Support Package [ETSP]

Companies from ETSP sectors will enjoy subsidies of up to 90% of the course fees when they sponsor their employees for CAT-A or CAT-B SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) funded courses.

These are the sectors that will enjoy the subsidies: 

  • ETST: Tourism, Retail, Hospitality, F&B, Arts & Culture Sector (package will end on 31 Dec 2021)
  • ETSL: Land Transport (package will end on 31 Dec 2021)
  • ETSA: Air Transport (package will end on 31 Dec 2021)
  • ETSM: Marine & Offshore (package will end on 31 Dec 2021)
B) Enhanced Absentee Payroll 

From 1 Jan 2021, the Enhanced Absentee Payroll funding rate will be revised to 80% of hourly basic salary capped at $7.50/hour, for employers in all sectors

C) Legend:
  • DUAL MODE: Virtual Learning Class or Face-2-Face Class
  • F2F: Face-2-Face Class
  • NON ETS: Not available under ETS programme

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