Data, AI & Machine Learning

Enable everyone to perform Data Analytics

Many do not know that Microsoft Excel is able to perform advanced data analytics including pulling data from databases, finding statistics, generating data visualisations, web scraping and many more. Once you acquire these skills, you can immediately apply it to your work and projects.

Most companies already have Office365 licenses for their staff. Enabling your staff to achieve data analytics capability in Excel will enable company-wide capability to analyse and makes sense of data, creating big organisational change.

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Generative AI

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Power BI

Qlik Sense


  • Tableau Desktop I: Fundamentals (launching in Q1 2024)
  • Tableau Desktop II: Intermediate (launching in Q1 2024)


Database & SQL

Data Science, AI/ML Foundations

  • Basics of Data Science (launching in Q1 2024)
  • AI, Machine Learning and Data Science Concepts for Professionals (launching in Q1 2024)

Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (SF)
  • Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution (SF) (launching in Q1 2024)
  • Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure (SF) (launching in Q1 2024)
Data Engineering


AI/ML Data Engineering
  • Data Enginering in AWS
  • Building Data Lakes on AWS

Google Cloud

  • Google Cloud Certified Professional Machine Learning Engineer (launching in Q1 2024)
Data Engineering
  • Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer (launching in Q1 2024)