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Land Your Dream Job at Google Without Knowing How to Code



You possess excellent influencing and relationship skills, have the talent for building winning teams along with a wonderfully analytical mind.

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CIPD HR MasterClass Series

Project Management Professional

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Finance Operations Manager, Payroll

Google People Services Program Manager, Operations



A self-starter who thinks quickly on your two feet, you have strong business acumen, plus a definite flair for both verbal and written communications.

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Business Communication & Writing Skills (For Corporate)

Service Excellence Courses

Executive Development & Growth for Excellence

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Communications Manager, APAC Policy

Industry Manager, Video and Media Sales

Partner Services Manager, Professional Services, Google Cloud


Sales & Marketing Expert

You manage and strengthen relationships with stakeholders and produce compelling business development strategies and analyses.

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Workplace Skills (WPS WSQ)

Leadership and People Management Courses with John Maxwell

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APAC Agency Business Lead

Agency Group Head, DoubleClick Digital Marketing

Sales Engineer, Accelerator Industry Manager, Video & Media Sales



Everyone knows Google Singapore is going on a hiring spree, and you are definitely interested in joining the world’s top place – but what if you don’t have any programming experience? Are there openings that don’t involve complicated codes and technical knowledge?

Fun Googly Stats

  • Founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin
  • Valued at a high $533.4 billion in February 2016
  • 2nd most valuable company in the world
  • Worldwide:
    • of applicants: 2 million+
    • of successful applications: 1 in 100
    • of employees: 69,000+
    • Projected hires in SG: 1,000
  • Successful applicants went for 5 OR MORE rounds of interview:
    1. Resume screening
    2. Phone interview
    3. On-site interview
    4. Hiring committee (evaluation stage)
    5. Interview with team leader
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