In line with additional COVID-19 measures announced on 3 April, we will be adjusting our training delivery to support the national “Circuit Breaker” effort. Click to read more
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COVID-19 Precautionary Measures For Trainees

The health and welfare of our customers (trainees) and staff are of utmost concern to us. In light of the evolving situation regarding the COVID-19, we are ensuring they are continually updated and adhering to all measures as recommended by the Ministry of Health’s latest public health advisory. In addition, as NTUC LearningHub is a Private Education Institution (PEI) registered with Committee for Private Education (CPE), we have also been advised to adopt measures undertaken by The Ministry of Education (MOE).

Precautionary measures from the Ministry Of Health (MOH) are continuously evolving. NTUC LearningHub is always aligned to additional precautionary measures advised by MOH. Should there be any discrepancies, the precautionary measures stated by MOH shall govern. Please visit for your reference.

Latest Updates As At 6 April 2020

In line with the additional national measures announced in response to COVID-19 on 3 April 2020, NTUC LearningHub will be adjusting our delivery of training in a manner which supports the national “Circuit Breaker” effort.

We would like to advise that upcoming classes from 6 April – 4 May will be rescheduled, or will be converted to virtual classroom delivery.

The classes in the below exceptional categories will still continue as scheduled:

• Training in response to the needs of severely affected sectors.

• Training urgently needed for essential job roles to support national COVID-19 efforts.

Please stay tuned and we will update trainees on the upcoming schedules in due course, via their registered email address.

Thank you for putting your trust in NTUC LearningHub as you plan for your upskilling needs. If you have any questions, please do email us at, and we will also be contactable at 6336 5482 (9am – 6pm, Mon – Fri).

Note: From 7th Apr – 4th May 2020, only National Trade Union House and DNI Sales centre will remain operational from Mon – Fri (excluding PH), 8.30am to 1pm.


Earlier Updates

Please note that this segment of information is for reference of earlier updates only. Trainees should always refer to the latest update above for the most updated information.

With the activation of DORSCON Orange, scheduled classes will still continue with the following measures being activated:

a) Twice-daily temperature taking

b) Trainees will be required to sign an online Health Declaration Form prior to entering class.

c) Increased cleaning frequency.

d) Advising trainees of basic hygiene at all times.

e) Maintaining contact lists (in case of contact tracing).

f) Where possible, social distancing between trainees in the classroom

With these measures, we expect that there may be a longer waiting time prior to the start of class, and we encourage all trainees to arrive at least 30 minutes early. You may also access, complete and save a screenshot of the Health Declaration Form to have it filled prior arrival.

As per our previous advisory, below are 3 categories of Trainees who should NOT attend classes. All re-scheduling of classes of the below affected will be done at no extra costs.

1) Quarantine Order

Trainees who are issued a Quarantine Order (QO) will need to be isolated at a designated place for a specified period. This individual must follow the requirements of the QO strictly. He/she may be quarantined at home or other suitable facilities e.g. designated Government Quarantine Facilities (GQF) as decided by the MOH. Quarantine is mandated by MOH’s Infectious Diseases Act. To read the latest QO updates from MOH, please click here.

2) Leave of Absence (LOA) / Stay Home Notice (SHN)

Under the SHN, trainees will have to remain in their place of residence at all times during the 14 days. This is stricter than the existing LOA regime, which had allowed returnees to leave their homes briefly, for example for their meals or to buy household supplies. Those placed on the SHN will be reminded to monitor their health closely and minimise contact with others. To read the latest LOA/SHN updates from MOH, please click here.

3) Feeling Unwell, Symptoms of Cough and Flu

Regardless of your travel history, trainees who feel unwell or experience any symptoms of flu and cough are advised to seek medical attention immediately, and take time to rest and fully recuperate at home. This exercising of social responsibility will also help prevent the spreading of viruses in shared spaces such as our training centres.

The management reserves the right to turn away any visitors to our premises.

Should you require further clarification or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at if a declaration is to be made and rescheduling would be required.

Be vigilant in taking the necessary precautions regarding your own health, especially if you have been travelling or are planning to travel overseas. You can also stay updated of the evolving situation and any relevant advisories via the ministry’s website at

4) Submit Your Health Declaration Online Before You Visit

  1. Complete this online Health Declaration Form on the same day of your visit.
  2. Screenshot & Save Your Declaration Summary On Your Mobile Phone
  3. Present Declaration Summary to our staff for faster clearance

We apologise for any inconvenience, and we thank you for your part in taking social responsibility towards the well-being of yourself and others.

Warm regards,

NTUC LearningHub

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