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Mentoring for Optimal Capability Development


The Organizational Zoo metaphor games are being used around the world to engage professionals in workshops on a wide variety of topics and across wide organisations. The metaphor characters enable safe constructive conversations about the impacts of behaviour and culture in an engaging non-political manner.

The characters are based on ten years of research which has been widely accepted in both practitioner and academic publications. Creative and fun and yet able to stimulate participants in open dialogue about behavioural impacts, the method incorporates many theoretical constructs, without the participants ever knowing they are learning these. Some models included (but not explicitly discussed in the workshops) are: reflective practice, emotional intelligence, social leadership, action learning, triple loop learning, facilitated dialogue, creative visualisation, problem-based learning and knowledge co-creation.

Masterclass Topic: Mentoring for Optimal Capability Development

Dates: 25 Jan 2019, Friday

Time: 9.00am to 6.00pm

Venue: NTUC Trade Union House, 73 Bras Basah Road, Level 6, Room 6A, Singapore 189556

Course Fee: SGD $642.00

After Funding: SGD $192.60 (Singaporeans / PRs)
*Prices are inclusive of GST.

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Course Overview

It is estimated that it takes about seven years to become a leading expert in your chosen discipline, if you dedicate yourself to learn and experience everything there is to know in the field. Add to this, that most people change roles more often than this timeframe, even across industries and fields, it is no surprise that organizational productivity is less than optimal.

Mentoring is the ultimate way to reduce these challenges and at the same time motivate your high performing talent to remain engaged with your organization and its goals. Mentoring was traditionally an informal self-selecting process, and this does work.

However, mentoring can be leveraged in a way that accelerates these organic relationships, to both broaden and deepen them, so that more people can be involved and benefit. This enables both mentors and mentees to develop a range of skills to amplify their confidence and productivity as well as that of others.

Course Objectives

  • Become an effective, confident mentor to others across the organization
  • Build a mentor program that engages people who to accelerate each other’s performance
  • Create strong relationships inside and outside the organization that attract and retain talent

Course Outline

MODULE 1: Awareness of the potential

      • Mentoring and Coaching: NOT same same – very different!
      • Why did NASA forget how to get to the moon? The perils of a mass retiring workforce
      • The optimal path to sustained success through mentoring relationships

MODULE 2: Attitudes to optimise success

      • Behavioural DNA of successful mentoring relationships
      • Why Mentoring is good for everyone involved and how it generates ROI
      • How mentoring increases all good KPI’s and why

MODULE 3: Abilities to implement in practice

      • Building the basics of YOUR mentoring program
      • Mentoring conversations round 1 (being a mentor)
      • Mentoring conversations round 2 (being a mentee)

Module 4: Actions to implement for sustained performance

      • Using basic tools to support your mentoring program
      • Monitoring relationships and benefits
      • Collecting and sharing success stories and challenges
      • Building a success plan to start next week!

Speaker Biography

Dr Arthur Shelley is an independent educator and capability development consultant with over 30 years professional experience. He has held a variety of professional roles including managing international projects in Australia, Europe, Asia and USA.
He has facilitated commercial workshops in many counties across Asia, Europe, Americas and the Middle East. He leads postgraduate programs on Leadership, Executive Consulting, Knowledge Management, Applied Research Practice, Entrepreneurship and Career Development in face to face and blended modes and facilitates industry based interactive workshops.

Arthur is the founder and producer of Creative Melbourne, an annual international event bringing together organisations such as NASA, Cirque du Soleil and the Institute of Knowledge and Innovation SE Asia and others. He is the author three books: KNOWledge SUCCESSion, Being a Successful Knowledge Leader and The Organizational Zoo and has written chapters for several edited books, articles for academic and professional journals providing insights from his research about metaphor and behaviour.

In 2014 he was awarded with an Australian Office of Learning and Teaching citation for “Outstanding contributions to student learning outcomes.” Arthur is regularly invited to international conferences to speak or facilitate workshops on his books and articles or to share experiences as the former Global Knowledge Director for Cadbury Schweppes. He is founder of The Organizational Zoo Ambassadors Network (a professional peer mentoring group), creator of the RMIT MBA mentoring program and co-facilitator of the Melbourne KM Leadership Community.

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