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A Customer and Employee Friendly Company – Sovereign Security Services

Sovereign Security Services Pte Ltd is a well-established security services firm that started in 1991. Managed by a team of former police, military and commercial security consultants, the organisation has been achieving success in the business for over 25 years. While they have been keeping abreast of changing trends, the company ensures that all staff are skilled in their work.

Besides the mandatory job training required by the industry, Sovereign Security Services has also arranged additional learning initiatives to aid their staff in character development.

As a Total Learning Solutions Provider, NTUC LearningHub aims to provide the organisation with relevant and quality training programmes – equipping their employees with adequate skillsets in the areas of Security and Service Excellence. Recently, a group of participants attended the WSQ Demonstrate the Service Vision programme, jointly developed with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).

Mr A Nagenderan, Director (Operations) at Sovereign Security Services, felt that improving one’s skill was a positive approach by the company to help reduce the turnover of employees. “We have colleagues who have stayed with us for many years, and this is a true testament on Sovereign’s reputation in the security industry. With a better skilled workforce, Sovereign Security Services is able to reduce their turnover rate. Thus, creating better value for our customers in the long run.”

The organisation has also created a conducive working environment which has benefited both their local and international employees. One of their team members would be Mr Sujen, who joined Sovereign Security Services 8 years ago. As he is currently residing in Johor Baru, Malaysia, Sovereign Security Services had taken into consideration of his travelling requirements and decided to assign him to work in the North, which has helped him significantly in his work-life balance.

Mr Sujen acknowledges, “I am truly appreciative that my company is flexible in their deployments. They provide us not only with the necessary skills and training, but rewards us annually if we perform well. We also recognise the advantages of attending these courses as it supports us in our personal growth. This constantly motivates us to do even better.”

In the past few years, there was an accelerating demand for personnel in the security job market. Participant, Mr Lim, who was an Electronic Technician for more than 10 years, saw this as a viable opportunity to join the industry, making it his lifelong career.

Presently, Mr Lim is about to celebrate his 12th year working for Sovereign Security Services. He shared that everyone working in this industry needs to have an open mind set to learn and adapt to changes. “In our area of work, we meet different people daily. Attending different courses will equip us with the right skills to interact with our customers. I’m happy that my company supports this training and development programme, and encourages us to upgrade our skills.” says Mr Lim.

Moving forward, Sovereign Security Services will continue to develop its workforce, deepen their employees’ skills so as to gain a competitive edge in the industry.

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