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An Employee-Centric Organisation – Sinaco Industries Pte Ltd

Sinaco Industries Pte Ltd is one of the leading service providers in the region, supplying a vast range of quality equipment, materials and services covering a wide spectrum in the oil and gas industry since its establishment in 1993. They work with some of the world’s top players in their field, and always aspire to meet each customer’s requirements.


Currently, Sinaco has a team of 10 employees based in Singapore. Most of their employees work and liaise with different clients on different projects allocated to them. Sinaco recognised the need for their employees to be equipped with the right skills for them to progress further. Therefore, they decided to engage NTUC LearningHub (LHUB) as their training provider.


As a Total Learning Solutions Provider, NTUC LearningHub aims to provide the organisation with relevant and quality training programmes – equipping their employees with adequate skillsets in the areas which Sinaco requires.  Recently, Sinaco’s team attended the WSQ Project a Positive and Professional Image course conducted in their office.


Mr Zou Qiang, Director of Sinaco Industries felt that improving one’s skill was a positive approach by the organisation. “In every organisation, employees are the important asset. It is important to train employees, especially in the current unpredictable times, so that they are well-equipped with the skills to perform better in their roles. With a better skilled workforce, we also believed that employees’ turnover rate will reduce, which in turn create better value for our clients and the organisation in the long run.”


One of the participants, Ms Moshi Ong, shared “We are happy to attend this course as it gives us the knowledge on how to react to different situations. After attending the course, we are constantly reminded to be professional and apply what we learned into our day-to-day-work.” Another participant, Ms Vivian Low also added that the trainer, Ms Bernice Lim is patient and helps greatly in the learning process. “She is able to relate the concepts to our areas of work which aids our understanding better. In addition, the role plays in the curriculum had helped us significantly, and we are able to relate better to what was conveyed during the course.”


Moving forward, Sinaco hopes to gain a competitive edge and perform better in their industry. They will continue to develop their workforce and deepen their employees’ skills in areas such as soft skills, strategic planning and project management in the near future.


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