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Enhanced Training Support Package For Tourism, Food Services And Retail


Funding Support:

  • Enhanced Course Fee supported at 90% of course fee
  • Enhanced Absentee Payroll supported at 90% of hourly basic salary capped at $10 per hour

Terms & Conditions

  1. Sponsoring company must be registered or incorporated in Singapore. Trainees must be full-time or permanent part-time employees of the sponsoring company, and fully sponsored for supportable cost components (such as course fees) incurred on the training course. Trainees must continue to receive their salary when they attend training.
  2. Sponsoring company is to ensure that Trainees have not attended the same course previously under NTUC LearningHub, including as a self-sponsored trainee.
  3. Trainees must have achieved at least 75% attendance for all training and 100% attendance for SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace (SFDW).
  4. For exam-based courses, Trainees must have sat for and passed the examinations/ assessments. Re-assessment fees applies where applicable and is not funded as part of the course.
  5. Trainees must complete the course whilst under employment of the sponsoring company by 31 December 2020.
  6. Sponsoring company will be required to pay for full courses fees, if trainees did not complete the course and pass the examinations/assessments (for exam-based courses).
  7. Sponsoring company claiming Absentee payroll under this programme for SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace (SFDW), are not required to submit Absentee payroll via SkillsConnect Portal.
  8. Absentee payroll is to be disbursed only after:
    • Trainees complete the training and pass the examinations/assessments (for exam-based courses).
    • Sponsoring company has provided all required information as requested by NTUC LearningHub.
    • Sponsoring company has completed payment to NTUC LearningHub for the nett payable course fees.
    •    Trainees must participate in the post-course evaluation survey conducted by NTUC LearningHub.
  9. At least 90% of the in-employment trainees who completed the course, are retained for at least six montns.

Line leaders are critical enablers of business strategy. The specially-curated Essentials Suite for Hospitality Line Leaders offers hotels a holistic programme to develop line managers and supervisors’  functional competencies to chart new ways of work, deploy different groups of workforce and leverage digital technology and more. Line managers and supervisors will also gain the expertise and confidence to lead work teams through Change.

About the Essentials Suite: The Essentials Suite is an industry initiative aligned to the broader Hotel Job Redesign (JR) efforts and sets out to help hotels build internal workforce capabilities to launch successful and sustainable transformation and Job Redesign projects.

Programme Outcomes

Module 1: SkillsFuture Digital Workplace for Hospitality Line Leaders – 2 Days

Prepare line managers and supervisors for the future economy. Discover the digital trends and emerging technologies in the hospitality industry. Develop self-confide nce to build resilience to adapt and be attuned to a technology-rich environment.

 Workshop Covers:  Dates:
  • Future of hospitality work environment
  • Appreciation of productivity tool i.e. RPA, AI
  • Analytics i.e. mechanics behind TripAdvisor
  • Cybersecurity
  • How to plan work rosters to comply with laws and optimise manpower
  • Self-initiated learning
Find Out More:

Module 2: Shifting Roles of Leaders – 2 Days 

Be equipped with the 11 essential changes that every leader must embrace to move forward in this disruptive world today. Learn to “shift”  and acquire the ability to make leadership change that will impact your organisation and personal growth.

Workshop Covers
  • Why every leader need to shift
  • From pleasing people to challenging people
  • From  directing to connecting

Module 3: Managing Change for Hospitality  – 1 Day 

As managers, learn how to lead teams in navigating through change and uncertainty. Learn practical steps for getting commitment, implementation and managing change to ensure success and sustainability.

 Workshop Covers
  • How to build foundation for successful change for hospitality
  • People-centric change management and communication strategies
  • Harness sustainable change implementation


Module 4: Job Redesign Project Planning and Implementation – 1.5 Days

(i) Job Redesign (JR) Workshop with Hotel JR Toolkit (Part 1) – 1 day

The focus of this workshop is to develop the understanding of the principles and practice of job analysis and job design. Participants will learn how to integrate the modern approach of project management and operationalise the Job Redesign using the JR toolkit. 

Discover how adopting Agile and Scrum can help line leaders to prioritise work tasks, and more importantly, manage stakeholders and project implementation to deliver effective outcomes.

 Workshop Covers:  Dates:
  • Appreciation and application of JR Toolkit
  • Operationalisation of Job Redesign –  from conceptualisation to implementation to tracking of outcomes.

(ii) Job Redesign Project Consultation (Part 2) – 0.5 Day

The group consultation aims to reiterate the strategic alignment of the projects to ensure that the outcomes are achieved. Participants may seek guidance and recommendations from the consultant to address challenges faced during the implementation stage.

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