Course Duration
7.0 hr(s)

What's In It for Me

  • Able to understand why conflict and tension are normal in any part of the team and organisation
  • How to manage conflict well using different types of strategies
  • Understand how the importance of using synergy techiniques to have a win-win situation

Course Overview

“Successful leadership is about 90% people knowledge and 10% product knowledge.”

The process of becoming comfortable with other people begins with becoming comfortable with ourselves. Based on John C. Maxwell’s book “Winning With People” and “25 Ways to Win with People“, learn to connect more effectively across diverse personalities and generational differences. Face a series of truths about yourself in a self-assessment through The Mirror Principle and learn synergistic techniques that encourage win-win situations. Learn how confrontation can be healthy. Review communication barriers and equip yourself with effective listening skills.

Course Schedule

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Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate how relational chemistry impacts bottom-line results in organisations
  • Discover why an accurate self-assessment is foundational to healthy relationships
  • Connect with others more effectively by understanding diversity in personalities and generational differences
  • Understand why conflict and tension are a normal and necessary part of growth for any team or organisation
  • Demonstrate practical, proven strategies for managing conflicts well
  • Explore the importance of synergy by investing in win-win relationships that deliver results

Course Outline

Module 1:

  • The 5 Strategies
  • How Relationships Influence Results

Module 2:

  • The Mirror Principle
  • Your Self-Assessment
  • The Lens Principle

Module 3:

  • The Approachability Principle
  • Finding Your Right Path
  • Connecting Across Diversity
  • The Charisma Principle

Module 4:

  • The Exchange Principle
  • Your Relationship Bank Accounts
  • The Situation Principle
  • The Listening Connection

Module 5:

  • High Cost of Conflict
  • Communication Challenges

Workshops are facilitated by a local trainer, accredited by The John Maxwell Company.

Certificate Obtained and Conferred by

Participants will be awarded with a Certificate of Attendance by The John Maxwell Company.

Additional Details

PDUs for Maintaining PMP Credential 

This course is eligible for PDU Credits. Upon successful completion of this course, Project Management Professional (PMP) credential holders will be awarded with 7 PDUs. Applicants need to access the PMI CCR System at https://ccrs.pmi.org/search/ to claim their PDU points with the following details:

Provider ID: 3163

Activity ID: L5SWWP

Activity Name: 5
Strategies To Win With People

To view the full listing of courses that is eligible for PDU points, visit https://www.ntuclearninghub.com/pdu-points/


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