Looking to obtain, renew, or convert your driving vocational license?

Find out how you can embark on your licensed driving profession with NTUC LearningHub, an appointed training provider by Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA).
Vocational License Courses
Taxi/Private Hire Vocational License Courses
TDVL holders are licensed to drive both a taxi and a private hire car in Singapore, while PDVL holders are only licensed to drive private hire cars. View TDVL and PDVL courses.
Refresher Courses
Enrolling for Refresher Courses
Land Transport Authority mandates that a refresher course must be taken every six years from the date of issuance of a vocational license. View PDVL Refresher, Taxi Refresher (Active Driver) or (Non-Active Driver) courses.
Converting PDVL to TDVL License Course
Converting PDVL to TDVL License Course
Driver can now choose to convert their PDVL to TDVL by undergoing a shorter 8-hour conversion course and be able to drive both taxi and private hire cars. View PDVL to TDVL Conversion course.
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