Introducing Angela: LearningHub’s In-house “Enforcer”

31 Dec 2018 Posted in ⟨Stories⟩

Angela has been with NTUC LearningHub since 2004, just after it’s corporatisation. Starting as a programme executive, she continued along the career path for 6 years before making the shift to her current position as an internal auditor.

When asked about what she does in her day to day, she said with an easy smile.

“I am the in-house policewoman, going around checking and making sure that LHUBbers abide by strict regulatory requirements in their roles!” She laughed.

Angela’s meticulous attention to detail helps her understand, audit and monitor LearningHub procedures and processes. She takes the business of training workers very seriously because it has a huge impact on our workers, our future workforce and Singapore economy as a whole. Upskilling and reskilling has the ability to provide workers with a new lease on life by preparing them for new career opportunities and making sure that Singapore progresses economically. Her passion to help workers pursue better jobs and better life is the main reason behind her long service with NTUC LearningHub.

“(It’s) how we transform other people’s lives, helping people find new and better jobs or explore mid-career switches. And it’s why I love my role at NTUC LearningHub,” she said with a genuine smile, as though her 15 years of service was no big deal.

Continuously Upskilling Herself Through The Years

In reality, Angela had put in a good amount of hard work to get to where she is today. To prepare for her current role as an Internal Auditor, Angela embarked on her degree programme in 2010, fully sponsored by NTUC LearningHub.

While it was challenging to juggle work and academic endeavours, Angela is grateful for the opportunity to upskill herself for a mid-career switch from a Programme Executive to become an Internal Auditor. Other than her academic endeavours, her previous roles with other training providers also provided her with the relevant experience to audit LHUB’s procedures and processes.

Her quest to continuously upskill herself did not stop after acquiring the technical skills. In a true fashion of how dedicated Angela is, she continued to source for suitable courses to beef up her adaptive and technology skills. She takes conscious efforts to avoid becoming stagnant in her skill sets.

Besides working hard for her qualifications, Angela also continuously improves on her soft skills too; she makes an effort to adapt and learn with each new challenge that she gets.

Adjusting And Adapting To The Changes

Angela also noted that her journey in her career was not always smooth sailing and that the transition from paper processes to the digital age carried its own challenges.

“Technology is fast taking over manual processes,” she mused and that changes procedures and processes which she needs to keep pace with. However, Angela soldiered through the transitions and has now become perfectly adept at auditing and processes via digital means.

Growing With NTUC LHUB

“From 30 to more than 300 staff over 15 years is amazing,” she remarked as she remembers the fond memories of LHUB in the first few years.

She was most impressed with the passion and commitment exhibited by the ‘pioneers’ in the early years. NTUC LHUB grew from a small training provider, originally specialising in IT skills to over 500 programmes and courses as today’s workplace continues to evolve.

At the heart of it all, Angela stays on because of her passion to help others cope with the ever-evolving workplace and giving them the skills to stay ahead in their careers, as well as because of the team that works with her.

“It’s really about the people,” she said, with a genuine smile that lit up her face.

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